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My subconscious, you guys. *shakes head* This may yet top the time I dreamt about being on an alien planet, fighting bad guys – in a quarry. A literal quarry, because my brain likes to mock Doctor Who.

So I had this extremely horrifying dream last night. I won’t bore you with all the details but the nightmare involved being a woman renting this scary house in ‘the Mother complex’ where lots of people had died – I told the estate agent I wanted to die there. More creepy )

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This afternoon I had a nap to make up the sleep, and my subconscious apparently decided to make it up to me.

I dreamt the boys from Harry Potter and Angel went away for a Hallowe’en weekend and had an orgy.


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Okay so this dream is sticking with me, so I am going to post about it! Some people find dreams fascinating (me) others horrifically dull (probably you) but never mind, it is my LJ, you don’t have to read it, it’s all fine!

Can you tell I feel boring and navel-gazey posting this? Even though I don’t want to talk about the whole narrative (!!!) just the part where some kids tried to kill me with fruit.

I have long, complex, plotty dreams. They’re actually very cool. I’m not usually myself – although I was for most of this one – and I quite often watch my ‘self’ from a mix of third- and first- person POV while they had adventures. This is occasionally disorientating.

I was taking a bus to Israel with some people from uni who I didn’t know well. We got lunch, and they were mean to me. At this point I became Neal Caffrey. (Yeah, idek.) )

Right, just so this post isn’t entirely formed of Some Dream I Had: CHRISTMAS CARDS! (The cards will not actually relate to Christmas.) Who wants one? Leave a comment and your address (comments screened) – and a pairing and prompt if you so choose. That way, although I’m making no promises, you might get PORN.

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I dream vivid, complex dreams. I always have. I get episodic dreams - one night half the dream, one night the concluding half. I dream about original characters, and myself as one, rather than people I know - although this one slightly damaged that. I dream whole stories.

Now the latest one? That was bizarre.

cut for details )

I could share details of other bizarre dreams, but I think I've rambled enough. Let's talk dreams in general, shall we? Tell me about your scariest dreams, your funniest dreams, your sexiest dreams. Memorable dreams, for any reason. Or don't you remember dreams at all?

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] iwantasoda? Please check in! I never dream about anyone but my immediate family and imaginary people. I am a little anxious. Yes, I know it makes no sense.

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