Aug. 4th, 2011


Aug. 4th, 2011 03:29 pm
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In the wake of Diacon, lots of people (well, lots of people who came) are getting re-enthused about HP fandom. Which is great! It includes me in a lot of ways. However, I’ve still not been reading loads of HP fic, or writing it for that matter.

This is partly because water got on my laptop :( This was 48 hours ago! I thought it would be dry by now! But since there were no scary noises and it was just water, the internet and a former computer-shop-owning relative assure me that in time my beloved laptop will recover. For now, I’m stuck using the family computer. This is a desktop with an extremely unreliable internet connection. Worse, it’s in the dining room, where we spend lots of time, and the screen faces the room.

For the love of God, people. Come on.

Anyway! The big reason for my failure to jump headfirst back into HP, despite being unemployed and so technically having time?

I have been getting into Thor fandom.

You guys, it’s making me so happy.You guys, it’s making me so happy. )


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