Mar. 30th, 2011

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I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count :)

Loki is my favourite god. He's the Norse god of mischief, as well as being associated with fire, cunning, shapeshifting and air. He features in a lot of literature, though not as much as I'd like; he always brings fun and conflict and life. Luke, in Eight Days of Luke, with his gleeful arson and his sacrifice for David and his charm and his terror of his divine family, is my favourite version.

Loki is half-giant (in most versions). In Norse mythology the gods are at constant war with the giants; it's an ongoing, endless battle against an inherently vicious foe. But Loki comes to Asgard, to Odin, and says: I'm here. I want to be one of you. I am half-god, too: you should not deny me. And Odin, who gave up one eye for wisdom, drinks with him and mixes blood with him. Odin is sometimes portrayed as a semi-father figure for Loki, because Odin commands him; but more often they are semi-comrades bound to each other by oath.

This got a little longer than I anticipated )


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