Mar. 10th, 2011

lokifan_import: (Shakespeare: prose before hoes)

If a beautiful dress made of translucent black material arrives with a slip, you would not think the slip would also be translucent. It’s especially frustrating since said dress is designed to be buttoned up the front - it has this cool Victorian-blouse type front - and that would, you know, shield my modesty. Only my breasts get in the way. It still looks pretty good un-buttoned but since the slip is SEE-THROUGH my modesty remains thoroughly unshielded.

And the only other slip I have is a: at my parents’ and b: RIDICULOUSLY tiny. I mean seriously. Shortest thing I’ve ever owned, and I shop at ASOS and New Look so I own some pretty fucking high hemlines. This causes hmphing noises, since half the reason I shelled out for this dress was that it was pretty and knee-length and I could wear it to my parents’ Christmas parties.

Oh well. It is still beautiful, and if I can’t wear such a tiny-slipped article to the sort of slightly pretentious parties my parents have where I smile brightly and talk about my interest in Shakespeare, I can wear it to the sort of slightly pretentious parties my friends have where I smile drunkenly and talk about which of Shakespeare’s characters I’d most like to fuck.

Othello and Titania, fyi. I know, I know, but Othello’s hot pre-uxoricide. Would also do Hotspur and Mercutio. Angelo would get a pity fuck, poor bastard, and I’d ride Viola like a racehorse.

What about you, flist? Hey, who wants to play marry/shag/kill: Shakespeare edition?

Comment and give me three Shakespeare characters to marry/shag/kill, or ask for three of your own - or both! And we can get freaky with our geeky :D

I know, I’m sorry, I just can’t resist a stupid rhyme. I’m wincing too.

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