Mar. 1st, 2011

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To Mr Ron Weasley - redhead, prefect, Quidditch player, hero, middle child extraordinaire - we wish a happy birthday. I love Ron to bits, from his start with a smudge on his nose telling Harry all about Quidditch, through being absolutely horrible to Hermione when his pet ‘died’, telling Sirius that if he wanted to kill Harry, he’d have to kill them, the fight in GoF, being made prefect and having people spend his celebration dinner telling Harry it’s cool not to be one, working hard to be a good Quidditch player (and then his friends weren’t even there!), his classic teenage romance with the fantastic Lavender, and leaving Harry and Hermione in the woods because he was DONE WITH THIS SHIT.

He’s the best back-up anyone could hope for and the best chess player to attend Hogwarts since Voldemort himself, and he rocks. ♥ His insecurity makes him a shit sometimes - it blinds him to Harry’s misery over the Tournament, for one thing - but he still stays friends with these bright and brilliant people. And he’s best friends with, and eventually marries, a muggleborn; my strong suspicion is plenty of purebloods would never say anything as vulgar as “mudblood” but would also never go out with a muggleborn. But Ron does.

Also, he is tall and redheaded and blue-eyed and he has scars up his undoubtedly muscular forearms. And has this whole thing for a male Seeker, and for a haughty blonde, in GoF. I’m just saying.

And [ profile] ronbigbang STARTED POSTING TODAY!

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