Feb. 17th, 2011

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I am so ridiculous. I was laughing at my own idiocy all through writing this; I really take the virtue of being able to laugh at oneself to the level of narcissism.

So, my Medieval Arthurian Traditions seminar has a good-looking blond bloke in it. He does drama, so I noticed him, but I was basically immune to his charmingly symmetrical features until this week. I was in a mini-group with him and two other people, and we were giggling about the various bizarrities of Chetien de Troyes.

And then the beautiful blond boy said “Arthur”.

And I realised he looks SO MUCH LIKE BRADLEY JAMES.

Straight blond hair, face is the same shape, same haircut, similar build, the jawline of champions…

My ability to be coherent was severely impacted by this.

BEAUTIFUL BOY: *makes a point*
LOKIFAN: *stares at Beautiful Boy*
LOUD AMERICAN GIRL: *makes her point*
LOKIFAN: *tries to work out if BB’s eyes are blue or grey*
PHILOSOPHY STUDENT: *makes his point*
LOKIFAN: *wonders if Beautiful Boy has a girlfriend*
BEAUTIFUL BOY: *notices Lokifan staring*
LOKIFAN: Er. Um. I’M MAKING A POINT! ANY POINT! Were those words?

I have serious doubts about how much I’m going to learn on the remainder of this course. Seriously, the hair and the jawline and the eyes… and we’re getting into Le Morte D’Arthur and the chances that I’m going to forget learning in favour of making this beautiful Bradley-alike say “Merlin” a lot? VERY HIGH.

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