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Dear God, this is bloody MONSTROUS. NB: these fics are listed chronologically within their categories, so the best stuff is probably at the end.

***Indicates my favourites***

Fics (stories over 1000 words):

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Honey – PG-13, 2000 words.
Harry is sick of Draco’s oh-so-adorable endearments. Written for [livejournal.com profile] enchanted_jae’s birthday.

Eternity – G, 3700 words.
Seeing the future is less than fun for Draco. Written for [livejournal.com profile] sassy_cissa’s birthday.

Fin – R, 2800 words.
Harry needs to escape his own wedding, with the only person who could understand. Warnings: angst, epilogue-compliant. Written for [livejournal.com profile] lillithium’s birthday.

Power Plays – NC-17, 5600 words. Harry’s vowed not to involve himself in Ministry power plays, but the political manoeuvrings leave no one unchanged. Warnings: kinda darkfic, vampire!Draco

Let Them Eat Cake – NC-17, 2400 words.
Birthday PWP including a dominant Harry and a blindfold. Warnings: blindfold, bondage

***Too Many Places I’ve Got To See*** – R, 4200 words.
Harry and Draco meet at a Ministry victory celebration two weeks after the end of the war. The two of them goad each other into doing something they want: travelling the world alone for a year, avoiding all reminders of their real lives. Then they start sending each other letters.

Sugar – NC-17, 1800 words.
Birthday PWP. Draco’s covered in the remnants of a stolen doughnut; Harry cleans him off. Written for [livejournal.com profile] enchanted_jae’s birthday.

***The More Things Change – NC-17, 5200 words.***
Hogwarts graduation night, and Draco escapes to the top of the Astronomy Tower. Written for [livejournal.com profile] tweeney’s birthday.

A Bad Influence – PG-13, 5400 words.
Al and Scorpius are going off the rails, and Harry and Draco both blame the influence of the other man’s son.

***Very Lucky Indeed*** – PG, 1600 words.
Harry and animagus!Draco are interrupted in their cuddling by a highly displeased Ron. Written for [livejournal.com profile] leochi’s birthday.

In Vino Veritas (Et Libido) – R, 2000 words.
Draco’s drunk at a party. Harry is much too noble to take advantage. Honest. Written to cheer up [livejournal.com profile] lavillanueva and consequently, very fluffy.

Trust Exercises – PG, 1000 words.
It’s clear the Auror trainees need to learn to trust each other.

***Patience*** – NC-17, 1500 words.
Harry has never been patient. Warnings: D/s

Bad Behaviour – NC-17, 1500 words.
Harry’s feeling nostalgic, and makes a Hogwarts breakfast. Draco wants to play that they’re schoolboys too. Warnings: consent play

***Making A Politician Shut Up: A Lover’s Guide*** – NC-17, 7700 words.
Draco is the youngest member of the Wizengamot; being a politician has not made him quieter. Harry would just like one damn shag evening without Draco running his mouth. Warnings: D/s, clothed/naked, gagging, bondage, humiliation, orgasm delay (cock ring), very mild spanking. Fluff.

***Harry Potter, Sex Fiend*** – NC-17, 1800 words.
Draco was very naughty to tease Harry into fucking him at the office. Clearly he must be punished. Warnings: D/s, flogging, fluff

The Horrible, Vicious Little Tease In This Relationship – NC-17, 1600 words.
Harry’s learnt a new spell, and he’s driving Draco mad. Warnings: teasing, orgasm delay, bondage, mild D/s

***Red, Blue, Green, Yellow: Spanking In Four Part(ie)s*** – NC-17, 2000 words.
Politics make Harry want to smack someone. Luckily, he has Draco there to be smacked. Warnings: spanking, D/s

Something Special – NC-17, 1200 words. Most shameless id-fic ever: vamp!Harry and virgin!Draco non-con PWP. Warnings: non-con. Um. Forced turning?

***The Language of Power*** -- NC-17, 2400 words.
Harry loves talking in Parseltongue to Draco during sex: his response is just delicious. Warnings: D/s, Parselsmut, dark!Harry, dub-con shading into non-con, forced orgasm. Written for [livejournal.com profile] gypsyflame’s birthday.

Pairing: Pansy/Hermione

***Tangible Benefits*** – NC-17, 4100 words.
Pansy is the new Editor-in-Chief at the Prophet, and if she’s going to let Hermione keep up her campaigning, she’s going to need an incentive. Warnings: slight dub-con, some D/s, queening.

***What Grown-Ups Do*** – NC-17, 200 worxs.
Hermione and Ron’s annual grown-up, middle-class Christmas party is under way. Pansy attends. Warnings: Infidelity, a bit of angst. This was written for [livejournal.com profile] woldy.

Pairing: Ron/Draco

***Unforgivable*** – NC-17, 8200 words. My favourite thing I've ever written.
Draco has been accepted by everyone but Ron as they attempt to rebuild Hogwarts. He makes an agreement with him: Ron will have one night to punish him, and do whatever he likes. After that, he has to forgive him. Warnings: dub-con, humiliation, whipping, object insertion, birching, forced blowjob, gagging, forced orgasm.

***Naked*** – NC-17, 1900 words.
Ron sleeps naked, and he’s determined to convert Draco. Draco finds it all rather embarrassing.
Warnings: fluff

Positive Reinforcement – NC-17, 1300 words.
Draco refuses to have sex to a soundtrack of unicorns and candy-canes. Warnings: orgasm control, D/s

Home Is Where The Heart Is (Where They Have To Take You In – R, 1300 words.
Draco is as pale and hard as Malfoy Manor itself, and he won’t warm up if that risks losing it. Warnings: flangst

Inherently Superior – NC-17, 1700 words.
It’s Ron’s turn to pick a kinky thing for them to do. Warnings: D/s, slight verbal humiliation, silly kink, magic use

Pairing: Other

Learn Your Place – NC-17, 2400 words, Severus/Draco.
Draco’s been put in the corner to think about what he did. Warnings: D/s, gagging (ring-gag), humiliation, orgasm denial

Colour Wheel – NC-17, 1600 words, Tonks/OMC, Tonks/Charlie.
All adolescents’ appearances change dramatically, but Nymphadora Tonks took the cake.
Warnings: brief animal cruelty

If It Makes You Feel Good – NC-17, 1000 words, Scorpius/Al.
Al and Scorpius are having sex by the lake when they hear people coming. Warnings: Slight breathplay, fluff

Ficlets (stories under 1000 words):

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Making Sweet Music – NC-17, 500 words.
Hermione gives Draco a Muggle radio for his birthday.

He’s Up To Something – R, 300 words.
Hermione asks Harry to work out what Malfoy’s up to.

Shared Gaze – PG, 300 words.
“Draco and Harry haven’t spoken since their last night, but they’ve come to a tacit agreement nonetheless. They don’t smile at each other.” Post-epilogue angst.

Danger – NC-17, 300 words.
Harry sits in front of the fire with Draco as part of a romantic evening, and notices Draco’s nerves.

Spells Aren’t Enough – R, 500 words.
Spells aren’t enough to save Harry from a curse, and Draco tries to remember how Muggles attempt saving their loved ones. Warnings: flangst with emphasis on the angst, Christian references

Pansy’s Rival – R, 400 words.
Pansy is determined to find out who’s taken Draco off the market. My response to all those fics where Pansy is weepy and pathetic, or a screeching harpy.

Getting Checked Out – NC-17, 600 words.
Draco has a check-up with Dr Potter. Warnings: some erotic humiliation

Kinky Blowjob – NC-17, 300 words.
An expanded version of Kinky Boots.

***Aurum Potentas Est – NC-17, 400 words.
Harry’s power is nothing like Draco’s. Warnings: fairly dark Draco, epilogue-compliant

Butterfly*** – NC-17, 600 words.
“He was a butterfly on a board: pinned by Harry’s eyes, spread by his body.”

You’re Timeless To Me – G, 200 words.
Draco worries over his receding hairline. Written for a meme.

A Case of You – PG, 200 words.
“They almost forgot their connection: but that was why it worked. Because it was always almost.” Written for a meme.

Wish You Were Here – G, 200 words.
Harry tries to stay Dumbledore’s man, and Draco lies to soothe him. Warnings: angst. Written for a meme.

Somebody Like You – G, 200 words.
Hogwarts has been rebuilt, and Harry asks Draco what he wants. Written for a meme.

The March of Witch-Hunters – R, 100 words.
They’re coming for Draco and his family, and only Harry can protect them. Warnings: dub-con. Written for a meme.

Sunday Morning – NC-17, 200 words.
Saturday nights are fun. Sunday mornings are cuddly. Warnings: D/s, paddling, fluff. Written for a meme.

You Give Love A Bad Name – PG-13, 100 words.
“Harry was in love, and it wasn’t going well.” Warnings: angst, cross-dressing!Draco. Written for a meme.

Sister Suffragette – G, 200 words.
Ridiculous AU with Harry and Draco as WW1-era women fighting for the vote; it’s pre-(femme)slash. Written for a meme.

The Alamo Is No Place For Dancing – PG, 300 words.
Harry writes Draco a letter afterwards, trying to understand. Warnings: angst. Written for a meme.

Easy/Lucky/Free – PG, 300 words.
Draco keeps going, through months and years. Warnings: major character death, angst. Written for a meme.

Shameless – PG, 400 words.
Subtle flirting doesn’t appear to be working, so Harry is shameless.

Booted – NC-17, 800 words.
Draco flirts with Terry Boot even after Harry’s warned him not to. Warnings: jealousy, slight D/s, kind-of exhibitionism, Draco being incorrigible

Internal Ache – R, 900 words.
Astoria took measures to stop Draco finding a male lover – or any lover at all. Warnings: cruel!Astoria, angst

***The Second Time*** – NC-17, 900 words.
Blaise seduces Harry and goes to the Prophet. Draco disapproves.

Hold Me Down – NC-17, 700 words.
Harry courts Draco, then asks what he wants in bed. “Hold me down.”

***Family and Friends*** – PG-13, 600 words.
Pansy waits for Draco, and a journalist asks personal questions.

Worthy – NC-17, 600 words.
“I’ve got Harry Potter in chains. A couple of years ago this would have really helped with my Death Eater resume.” Warnings: D/s, bondage

Hi, Malfoy – NC-17, 900 words.
Comment!porn based on this fantastic art by [livejournal.com profile] reira_21. Harry pounces on Draco, wanting to play. Warnings: consensual non-con, light breathplay, forced orgasm

Bad Boy – R, 500 words.
Harry doesn’t think Draco’s much of a ‘bad boy’. Warnings: Mentions of Draco with some ladies, although with an H/D ending

***Another Sort of Sunlight*** – PG-13, 500 words.
The eighth years go swimming in the lake. Harry wants Draco to join them. This ficlet won that week’s [livejournal.com profile] sortinghatdrabs.

Permanent Failure – R, 500 words.
Draco hated the scars at first. They’re a permanent mark of failure. Warnings: angst

Closure – G, 500 words.
For a moment, Harry thought it was a hallucination or a stupid mistake. How could Dudley be here?

Screwed Blue – PG-13, 700 words.
Draco’s doing community service and Harry is his Auror-in-training sponsor. He has to pat him down for contraband.

Walk All Over You – NC-17, 900 words.
PWP: Harry asks Draco to wear high heels to bed. This was written for [livejournal.com profile] treacle_tartlet.

A Better Fate -- R, 300 words.
Draco had never said he’d change. Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at [livejournal.com profile] slythindor100. Warnings: angst

Almost Naked -- R, 300 words.
Everyone experiences Occlumency differently; Draco sees it as cloth. Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at [livejournal.com profile] slythindor100.

Aftermath -- NC-17, 300 words.
“Weren’t you supposed to hate someone less after you had sex with them?” Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at [livejournal.com profile] slythindor100. Warnings: angst

Pros and Cons of Fucking Harry Potter -- NC-17, 300 words.
Draco liked to be organised even when his world was falling apart, so he made a list: Pros and Cons of Fucking Harry Potter. Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at [livejournal.com profile] slythindor100. Warnings: bit of angst

Enough -- NC-17, 300 words.
Draco hopes that Potter not hating him will be enough, if he can’t stop hating himself. Written for the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing at [livejournal.com profile] slythindor100. Warnings: angst

Trapped – PG, 500 words.
Draco is punished for his hate speech. Warnings: angst, switching POVs (at the drabble breaks)

Worthy – NC-17, 600 words.
“I’ve got Harry Potter in chains. A couple of years ago this would have really helped with my Death Eater resume.” Warnings: D/s, bondage

Pairing: Ron/Draco

Riots (Are A Public Menace) – R, 500 words.
“Ron couldn’t understand what Draco was thinking, wanting to announce their deviance.” Warnings: mentions of homophobia

I’d Hate To Have To Punish You – PG-13, 400 words.
Ron Weasley is Draco’s probation officer. Worse, Draco can’t stop noticing his forearms.

Punished and Pink – NC-17, 400 words.
Spanking porn: Draco’s been very rude to Hermione. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] ronbigbang Art challenge.

***Totally Top*** – NC-17, 600 words.
PWP: Ron ties Draco down and rides him. *shrugs* Sometimes the simplest summaries are the best. Warnings: bondage

***On The Pull*** – NC-17, 900 words.
Draco’s receding hairline is not getting in the way of his sex life. Warnings: D/s


Shiny Things – PG-13, 400 words.
Draco has a present for her. This was written for the [livejournal.com profile] dmpp_ldws. Warnings: fluff.

Lucky – G, 300 words. The other girls at Hogwarts think Pansy is terribly lucky. She is, but not for the reasons they think. This was written for the [livejournal.com profile] dmpp_ldws. Warnings: present tense

Sugar and Spice -- PG-13, 500 words.
Draco will always be grateful for Astoria’s kindness, but he misses Pansy’s raging like a limb. This was written for the [livejournal.com profile] dmpp_ldws. Warnings: Epilogue-compliant angst

***Juvenile Delinquency*** -- PG, 500 words.
“They sent the Slytherins to a re-education camp over the summer after the war.” This was written for the [livejournal.com profile] dmpp_ldws. Warnings: angst, slightly darkfic.

Pairing: Other (Slash)

***Parallels*** – G, 300 words.
Unrequited love down the generations. Warnings: angst

***Someone Should Introduce Him To Placebo*** – R, 400 words. Harry/Scorpius.
“Scorpius Malfoy knew he was different. The rest of his year – the rest of his school - was insufferably teenage.” Warnings: teacher/student, predatory older man. This fic won that week’s Sorting Hat Drabbles competition.

***Corruption*** – R, 500 words. Percy/Draco.
Draco’s in Azkaban. Percy likes to feel powerful. Warnings: implied non-con, dark!Percy

No Biting – NC-17, 300 words. Charlie/Draco/Harry.
Charlie and Harry are obedience-training Draco.

Negative Space – NC-17, 400 words. Remus/Regulus (Remus/Sirius relationship).
Wandering the school in the aftermath of the prank, Remus finds Regulus. Warnings: underage, infidelity

Not Exactly The Same – G, 500 words, Severus/Draco.
Severus always saw himself as a lifelong bachelor. Written as part of my comment!party to celebrate to overturning of Prop 8.

Pairing: Other (Femmeslash)

An Extraordinary Witch – PG, 300 words.
Hermione/Luna flangst. Hermione can’t find out how to restore her parents’ minds. Luna is there to help. This fic won that week’s Sorting Hat Drabbles competition.

Mistress of the Universe – PG, 200 words.
Pansy/Hermione. Sometimes Hermione goes to see Pansy in the Auror department. Warnings: dark!Pansy, mindfuck

***Sick*** – R, 400 words.
Pansy/Luna, Pansy/Neville. He was a shy schoolboy, and she had a strong stomach. Luna’s been captured, and Pansy will do anything necessary to keep abreast of what’s happening to her.

Pearls Don’t Bring Tears – PG-13, 400 words, Parvati/Astoria (with implied Draco/Astoria).
Parvati and Astoria grow up not quite together. This came second in the [livejournal.com profile] sortinghatdrabs competition.

Finding The Way – PG-13, 200 words, Pansy/Ginny.
Pansy doesn’t need to be led into temptation: she can find the way herself. And Ginny Weasley doesn’t take much finding.

Pairing: Other (Het)

Friendly Rivalry – PG-13, 300 words.
Sibling rivalry never quite goes away, and Bill’s standing next to Tonks. (This is fluff though.)

***Luna Triumphant*** – PG, 200 words, Dean/Luna.
Dean’s first exhibition takes place at Malfoy Manor. This fic won that week’s Sorting Hat Drabbles competition.

***Boudicca*** – PG, 500 words, Neville/Ginny.
Ginny reminds Neville of Boudicca, flame-haired warrior queen. She likes that. This fic won that week’s [livejournal.com profile] sortinghatdrabs. Warnings: angst

Guilty -- G, 500 words. Harry/Pansy.
Pansy is sent to Azkaban for treason. This won Mod’s Choice at Sorting Hat Drabbles.

My Mistake -- R, 300 words. Hermione/Draco.
If it’s a mistake, it’s her mistake to make.

Care of Magical Creatures – NC-17, 200 words. Charlie/Tonks.
Charlie likes danger, and bravery, and unusual creatures. He’s discovering he rather likes sex, too. This was the runner-up in [livejournal.com profile] sortinghatdrabs.


St Michael the Archangel – PG, 500 words.
“George wanted to hide from their eyes at Fred’s funeral.” Warnings: angst, canon character death

The Definition of Civil War – G, 400 words.
Narcissa overheard the Dark Lord’s orders to Regulus. Warnings: angst

What We Fear -- G, 300 words.
Draco’s Boggart used to be his father. Warnings: post-HBP

***Well-Established*** – R, 500 words, Slytherin gen/Draco wanking to the Patil and Weasley twins.
Draco has a Twin Thing. This fic was runner-up in that week’s [livejournal.com profile] sortinghatdrabs.


Pairing: Harry/Draco

Birth – G, 100 words.
Surely they’ve a chance in this new world.

When He First Fell – G, 100 words.
“Draco was getting money from a hole in the wall when he fell in love with Harry Potter.”

The Birthday Party – PG, 200 words.
Blaise notices Harry’s a gold mine.

Fooling Around – G, 100 words.
Potter looks like he’s been kissing.

Getting Their Own Back – G, 100 words.
Draco gets the Weasley twins back.

Kinky Boots – NC-17, 200 words.
Harry goes shoe-shopping with Draco, and is rewarded.

Dirty Boy – PG, 200 words.
Harry always thought Malfoy’s polished appearance meant he was tidy too.

Distant – G, 100 words.
Harry wants to know who Malfoy can be plotting against, if it’s not him. Set during HBP.

Scared, Potter? – G, 100 words.
Returning to Hogwarts for his eighth year, Harry meets someone at the barrier at King’s Cross.

The Last Laugh – R, 100 words.
Draco’s taunted for his homosexuality; but he gets to have Harry, so it’s worth it. Followed by:

My Boyfriend’s Gonna Get You – PG, 100 words.
Harry doesn’t take kindly to people mocking his boyfriend.

Meeting The Parents – PG-13, 100 words.
Lucius asks Harry what his intentions are. Narcissa rescues him.

Elemental Love – G, 200 words.
Once upon a time there was a boy, and he was everything the House of Gryffindor stood for.

Forbidden – NC-17, 200 words.
Harry and Draco meet in the Forest.

Sanctuary – PG-13, 200 words.
Draco discovers the great outdoors.

Pulling Potter’s Pigtails – PG, 100 words.
Malfoy nicks some of Harry’s hair.

Happy Birthday, Draco! – PG-13, 100 words.
Harry gives Draco what he’s been asking for for his birthday.

Full Circle – PG-13, 200 words.
Lucius finds out. Warnings: angst

A Rush of Blood to the Head – NC-17, 100 words.
“Harry loved making Draco blush.”

A Simple Solution – PG, 100 words.
Written for an mpreg challenge, for people who don’t like mpreg.

Green – G, 100 words.
Green used to be Draco’s favourite colour. Warnings: angst, major character death

Sneezing, Silly Man – G, 200 words. Harry’s feeling poorly. Warning: VERY fluffy

Consequences – R, 100 words.
What happens after the happy ending. Warnings: angst

Lollipops – PG-13, 100 words.
Draco’s got a sweet tooth.

Golden Snitch – PG-13, 100 words.
A bit of silly banter.

Bedtime – PG-13, 100 words.
Draco wants to get rid of Ron and Hermione.

Draco Dormiens Numquam Titillandus – G, 100 words.
Pre-slash. “Voldemort is obsessed with Hogwarts. Yet clearly, when he chose to allow my father to rot in jail, he forgot to consider its motto.” Warning: first-person POV

Jealousy and Envy – G, 100 words.
“An important difference between them was this: Harry felt jealousy. Draco felt envy.”

Married?! – PG-13, 100 words.
Draco’s hyperventilating over his son’s engagement. Followed by:

Why Weasleys Shouldn’t Rule The Gene Pool – G, 100 words.
Draco’s hyperventilating over his first grandchild.

Sweet Package – PG-13, 200 words.
Malfoy gets a package that doesn’t contain his usual sweets. Harry investigates.

Learnt From The Best – G, 100 words.
Harry learns to pout.

He Can’t Wear White – PG-13, 100 words.
Draco doesn’t want to get married on his birthday. Warnings: spanking references, fluff

Can/’t Make Me Do That – PG-13, 100 words.
“You can’t make me love you.” Warnings: implied dub-con

He Cries Too, Sometimes – NC-17, 100 words.
Harry’s discovered the wonders of porn. Warnings: angst, implied dub-con

After The End – G, 100 words.
“Draco didn’t scream when it happened.” Warnings: Dementor’s Kiss, angst

Subtext Equals Buttsex – R, 100 words.
Harry’s angry. Draco’s filthy-minded. Warnings: punnery

The Opposite of Love – PG-13, 100 words.
Set after the-passionate-hatesex-becomes-love.

Suck My Throbbing Appendage – G, 100 words. Draco yelps. Harry fixes it.

In A Naked Way – PG-13, 200 words.

***Love Is A Game*** – PG, 100 words.
Love is a game. But is it a game of chance, or strategy?

Coming Together (Through Trauma) – R, 100 words.
Harry and Draco sneak into the staffroom, and wish they hadn’t.

The First Time – PG-13, 100 words.
“Draco Malfoy’s mouth was the most expressive Harry’d ever seen.”

I Had Him – G, 200 words.
Harry tells Draco it’s over. Warnings: first person POV, epilogue-compliant angst

Beholden (Or Otherwise) – PG-13, 200 words.
Malfoy refuses to take Harry’s charity.

Passing Strange – G, 100 words.
Draco thinks about how Harry looks when he’s in awe.

The Great Outdoors – R, 100 words.
Harry persuades Draco to go for a picnic.

***Light*** – NC-17, 100 words.
“Harry had always liked light.”

Teenage Kicks – NC-17, 100 words.
Dom!Harry fucks Draco at Malfoy Manor.

Release – NC-17, 100 words.
Dom!Harry makes Draco beg to come.

I Vant To Suck Your... Blood – PG, 100 words.
Harry has a vampire fantasy.

Summer Heat – R, 200 words.
“By all laws of god and man, the sun should be shining.”

Roses and Thorns – NC-17, 100 words.
Draco was nervous when they went up to bed, but he soon gained confidence.

Manly Weapons – PG-13, 100 words.
Ron’s bewildered.

Trapped – PG-13, 500 words.
Draco is punished for his hate speech.

Competitive Urges – PG-13, 100 words.
The eighth-years are banned from the house teams. Harry really wants to play some fucking Quidditch.

Trying – NC-17, 500 words.
Sometimes even Malfoys have to work for their pleasure. Warnings: orgasm delay, D/s, cock ring, bondage

Will You Marry Me? -- R, 200 words. Harry asks Draco to marry him in Slytherin fashion.

Immortality – G, 200 words. The only way to be immortal is to create something that lives after you: work, or children. Warnings: mpreg, FLUFF

Green – NC-17, 100 words.
Green isn’t Draco’s favourite colour because of Harry’s eyes. Warnings: References to D/s, spanking, blindfolds and face-slapping, but all very brief ones; fluff

***Love Affair*** – R, 100 words.
Harry's rather pleased at the chance to be soppy, but Draco gets prickly about it. Warnings: imminent kink

Holding Hands – PG, 300 words.
Harry asks Draco out for lunch. This was written for [livejournal.com profile] enchanted_jae as thanks for buying a Help Japan vgift.

Pairing: Ron/Draco

Weasel King – R, 200 words.
Ron’s Keeper for the Cannons, and his team just beat Draco’s.

***Fuck The Formalities*** – PG-13, 100 words.
Someone’s been leaving flowers on Draco’s desk.

Checkmate – NC-17, 100 words.
Draco is defeated.

My Turn – NC-17, 100 words.
Draco wants to try something new.

Lost Control – NC-17, 100 words.

Singed But Grinning – NC-17, 200 words.
Draco wants Ron to tell his family.

***Markings*** – R, 300 words.
“Everything that should keep them apart is etched on their bodies, but their bodies draw close nonetheless.”

Pansy Cissy Draco – PG-13, 200 words.
Silly, punny talk about the power of names.

Resolution (My Left Buttock) – PG-13, 100 words.
Resolutions are made to be broken.

Burrower – PG, 200 words.
“Ron’s always been the kind to stay close to home.”

The Perfect Gift – PG-13, 100 words.
Ron forgot their anniversary.

Rubbing Along All Right – NC-17, 100 words. “Why had they thought moving in together was a good idea?” Warnings: punnery

***Five Stages of Falling in Love*** – PG-13, 300 words.
“Irritatingly, Ron’s recovery after the war fit the Healer’s list of prescribed emotions.”

Spectacular – PG-13, 200 words.
Draco’s making a spectacle of himself on the dancefloor.

Pierced – R, 200 words.
“Ron got the nipple piercing for two reasons: bitter made a lightweight of him, and Charlie and George were bastards who took advantage of their brother’s impaired state.”

Trade – PG, 200 words.
Ron takes Draco to his regular.

Celebration – PG-13, 100 words.
Ron’s finally an Auror.

Energy – G, 200 words.
Ron and Draco fight, then make up. Warnings: bit of angst

Keeper – PG-13, 200 words.
Ron’s a Keeper. So is Draco. (The author hopes the phrase ‘that one’s a keeper’, ie somebody you should keep as your romantic partner, is an international one.)

Getting Up – G, 100 words.
Ron helps Draco get up from where he was before.

***The Scientific Method *and* An Artist*** – NC-17, 300 words.
A sort of diptych: Draco’s approach to sex, then Ron’s. Warnings: fluff

The Humility Rites – G, 400 words.
Draco chooses to perform the Humility Rites. Warnings: angst

Grime – G, 100 words.
“Obsession. It had a perverse grandeur.” Warnings: angst

Sweet Tooth – G, 600 words.
They both had a thing for sweetness.

Pairing: Neville/Draco

Help – PG, 100 words. Draco oversees the Carrows’ detentions in his seventh year. Warnings: Implied torture

The Socratic Method – NC-17, 500 words.
Draco is Neville’s first and best student. Neville believes in the Socratic method.

Better Than Luck – G, 100 words.
Draco doesn’t want a four-leafed clover.

Pairing: Severus/Draco

***Subspace*** – R, 200 words.
Aftercare: Draco’s sunk in his own mind, but Severus’ voice anchors him. Warnings: lots of references to D/s, bondage, and whipping; fluff

Pairing: Other (Slash)

It’s Too Early For This – PG, 100 words. Harry/Scorpius.
“Scorpius? Care to explain why all my trousers have turned to leather?”

Home – NC-17, 200 words. Snape/Draco.
Draco comes to Snape when he’s homesick.

Forfeit – NC-17, 100 words. Harry/Draco/James II.
The three of them play Quidditch together. Draco always loses, and always pays the forfeit.

Strokes – R, 100 words. Dean/Seamus.
Dean sketches Seamus.

Pet – NC-17, 100 words. Charlie/Draco/Harry.
Charlie and Harry are obedience-training Draco.

***Waiting*** – NC-17, 200 words, Rabastan/Draco.
It was months before Rabastan went beyond looking at him in ways that made him flush with shame. Warnings: non-con.

Fucking Like The World’s About To End – NC-17, 300 words, Charlie/Harry.
Harry associates Charlie with fire. But ice works, too.

Blade – R, 300 words, Rabastan/Draco.
Draco’s helpless and terrified. Rabastan has a knife. Warnings: non-con, knife-play

Pairing: Other (Femmeslash)

Reasons To Smile – NC-17, 100 words. Bellatrix/Andromeda, Narcissa/Andromeda.
The middle child always has reasons to smile.

Booked – R, 200 words, Hermione/Pansy.
Hermione says she has to do coursework instead of sex. Pansy isn’t taking that lying down.

***Trust*** – PG, 100 words, Cho/Marietta.
When Marietta pulled back, Sneak was gone.

***Cartography*** – R, 300 words, Minerva/Xiomara Hooch.
Bit of McGonagall femmeslash set during the first war. Warnings: ongoing-war type angst?

French Kissing – NC-17, 200 words, Fleur/Cho.
Fleur comes up to Cho in the library – and the library’s the traditional place for Ravenclaws, after all. Written for [livejournal.com profile] klashfor.

Pairing: Other (Het)

***The Seven Weasleys*** – NC-17, 700 words, Tonks/Bill, Tonks/Charlie, Tonks/Percy, George/Tonks/Fred, Tonks/Ron, Tonks/Ginny.
Seven smutty drabbles for seven Weasleys. One was too reliable, and one was too overseas, and one was too fucked-up, and two were too much to handle, and one was too in love with another. And one was just right. Warnings: ignores Tonks/Remus, present tense

Mrs Malfoy’s Entertainment – R, 100 words, Kingsley/Narcissa.
She is the consummate hostess. Warnings: infidelity, obviously

A Bit of Power – NC-17, 200 words, Kingsley/Narcissa.
“It isn’t infidelity; Narcissa can play a long game.”

***Blonds Have More Fun*** – G, 200 words, Draco/Luna.
“Draco had heard that love was like spinning until you were dizzy.”

Drabble series

The Smitten series – Harry/Draco. My shamelessly fluffy drabble series, with a cuddly Draco, an affectionate Harry and a rocking Pansy.

Tongue Thing – PG, 200 words.
Draco comes back from his date with Potter with a dopey smile.

Slow and Sweet – PG, 300 words.
Draco’s happy, Nott’s a twat and Pansy’s brilliant.

***I Already Am*** – NC-17, 400 words.
Draco loses his virginity. There’s a lot of blushing and cuteness.

Fool – R, 300 words.
The version of the ‘morning after’ I wrote for April Fools. My flist was sad.

Beast – PG, 100 words.
The real morning after.

Post-Sex Smirking – PG-13, 200 words.
Harry and Draco have breakfast, and put Ron off his food.

Easily Done – PG-13, 300 words.
Draco has a good day which ends with Theo Nott grabbing him.

The Poor Kingsley!verse – Harry/Draco. Comedy drabble sets, featuring Kingsley and his incorrigible Aurors

An Indecent Proposal – R, 100 words.
It's a hard life running the Auror force.

***Unprofessional Conduct*** – R, 500 words.
Kingsley is sure the Aurors’ stationery cupboard isn’t actually haunted.

In Your End-O – PG-13, 200 words.
“Kingsley was beginning to think that visiting his Aurors when they were injured in the field was entirely too much work.” Warnings: punnery

The So Much For series – Harry/Draco, Blaise/Draco. In which Draco is sarcastic and gorgeous and Harry is a wimp.

So Much For Being A Gryffindor – G, 100 words.
Every day Harry swears he’ll ask Draco out.

So Much For Resolution – PG-13, 400 words.
Harry’s New Year Resolution is to ask Draco out.

Possessive Bastard – PG-13, 400 words.
Blaise and Draco dance. Harry grinds his teeth.

The Silver Snitch series – Harry/Draco. mystery series about the Silver Snitch, a Slytherin whistleblower who spoke on Potterwatch

The Silver Snitch – G, 100 words.
The Quibbler asks where the Silver Snitch is now.

They’ll Never Know – G, 100 words.
Conversation and the next installment.

The Incubus series – Harry/Draco. Drabble series set in eighth year. There’s a succubus visiting Hogwarts.

No Suck-Related Puns, Please – PG-13, 400 words.
The Gryffindor boys reckon the “nightmare girl” has returned to Hogwarts. Malfoy’s sceptical.

Stagnation – G, 100 words.
Draco’s suffering winter blues.

I Need You To Need Me – G, 100 words.
“When was Malfoy going to ask for help?”

The Parole series – Ron/Draco.

Grey – G, 400 words.
Draco's out of bed. Warnings: angst

Abandoned Hope – R, 400 words.
Draco dreams of Voldemort, Bellatrix, Fenrir... and Azkaban. He doesn’t want Ron to know about the Azkaban nightmares. Warnings: mentions of rape threats and torture, angst


Pairing: Harry/Draco

***Untitled Harry/Draco haiku*** – NC-17. Sequential H/D haiku from alternating POVs. Followed by:

***Marked*** – NC-17. Draco tries to make Harry understand.

I Grant I Never Saw A God(dess) Go – PG-13. A sonnet for the real Harry Potter.

You Harlot – NC-17. A limerick with down-on-his-luck Draco, spanking, name-calling and dubious consent.

You Still Know Just What I Want For Christmas – R. Two Christmas haiku, from two different stages of Harry and Draco’s lives.

I’ll Be A Better Son – PG-13. A villanelle that tells the story of how Draco enters Auror training at nineteen, to prove himself and his family to the world. 2000 begins with Draco part of a public new relationship.

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