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So, I won't be writing for [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays after all. The mods rescinded my assignment because I've bailed on too many fests. Which is totally fair and my own fault, so I'm not annoyed at all. But of course this being my own fault seems to make it worse rather than better.

My lip is so unstiff. I fail at English )

PS: apologies for the emo. But I thought I really had to post considering I already told you all I was doing hols! And I am too headachey and emo for the dignified approach.

Soon I will feel better: using Thor!angst as my icon is a calculated decision, because Chris Hemsworth's face just makes me want to smile.


Apr. 17th, 2011 02:30 am
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Today was not a good day. £30 down the drain on train tickets, my laptop isn't working, and I had a fight with my mum having just got back from Norwich. And now she's telling my dad loudly how awful I am. I was going to give her her birthday presents tonight. I spent ages picking them and I was really looking forward to it.

Tired & unhappy... which I have good reason to be, but I'm also now in that mood where having finished Unseen Academicals isn't a fun thing where I enjoyed the book but depressing because Pterry is ill and it was far from my favourite Discworld. (My favourite Discworld is The Truth.)

And the latest version of my diss. is now unavailable until the bloody laptop is fixed.


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Last night, I found out that my favourite author of all time, Diana Wynne Jones, died late on Friday.

I wanted to write her a fan letter, saying how much I loved her books and how comforting they were at uni and now it’s too late.

This makes me very sad. Particularly since, you know, shallow but... she stopped writing for years, and started again a few years ago, and it still felt like a miracle seeing a new book by her. Earwig and the Witch comes out in June; after that, no more.

This is insufferably long, but I really don't care. This is... she was seventy-six and she lived a good life by all accounts, but this is still my creative role-model and the creator of so many things I've loved. This is where I truly understand crying over Kurt Cobain.

Diana Wynne Jones’ novels - and short stories - are absolutely wonderful. There is a distinct voice, in terms of both prose and moral outlook, in every one; every character is vibrant, real, their dialogue perfectly suited to them; there is fun and flavour and interest, and on occasion those stories are absolutely devastating. The scene in The Lives of Christopher Chant where Tacroy confesses upsets me every time I read it. She used archetypes, and subverted them; what shows even more talent is when she didn’t subvert the archetypes and still made you care for the individual characters.

Teach me to hear mermaids singing, or to keep off envy’s stinging )

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Rest in peace, Diana Wynne Jones. I look forward to your very last book.
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Oh for...

I’ve been sleeping ten hours a night lately but still feeling tired during the day; I’m getting frequent headaches. The last couple of days I was having very mild dizzy spells. WHAT IS WRONG, I asked myself.

At which point I remembered:

A: I’m anaemic, and was so even when living at home with sausages and broccoli etc
B: A bit of chicken is all the meat I’ve eaten in the last two weeks
C: I also haven’t been having dark green veg or taking iron supplements



Okay, so I am going to do my usual thing when feeling depressed, and guilty about whining to you guys:


I’m going to limit this one to five people, due to the aforementioned fatigue; but once we’ve gone past five, you can still request a drabble, they’re just not guaranteed any more.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, White Collar, New Who/Torchwood, Buffy/Angel, Diana Wynne Jones. Ask me about a book fandom or Old Who if you so choose, I might be able to hook you up. Ask for pairings/threesomes/moresomes, give me a prompt, a kink, a scenario, some combination... have fun.

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Still ill... and all this sleeping has screwed with my schedule, which is why I’m posting now! Violet’s ill too, she might have given her girlfriend glandular fever, and Miss Godfrey’s got an old-man cough going on. EVERYONE IS ILL. And the campus medical centre has a horrible receptionist – she’s one of those people I could deal with easily on a normal day, only because walking to campus had made me wanna die I was all *wibble*. Plus she snarled about how I needed the BCG (the TB vaccination) even though I have natural immunity. I was tested! My body said DEATH TO YOU, VIRUS! without me ever getting the injection! I don’t want the horrible pain-y injection, it’s totally unnecessary because I was obviously exposed to the disease in Ghana!

I did, after all, go to the hospital twice in the three weeks I spent in Ghana. Because my father has many wonderful qualities but he is also a fool who let his ten-year-old daughter have lobster curry when she wanted to try it, despite being in a land-locked African country.

So! Today is National Coming Out Day. Happy NCOD, everyone! It’s a lifelong process but a good one.

So... this is a bit weird, but something my uni’s Pride is doing is putting up people’s coming out stories around campus: We're looking for anonymous stories about your coming out, a single incident or an arcing plot. However short you'd like, but not longer than about 200 words, please. You don't have to just give us happy or funny stories, either. We'd much rather everyone be able to tell their true story than feel like their coming out isn't funny enough for public consumption.

We don’t have as many as we’d like, and the idea isn’t to have student ones specifically... so would any of you care to email/comment/pm me with your story? Obviously your confidentiality will be entirely respected – no names, no sources, no nothing. But I know I have a lot of queer people on my flist, who probably have interesting stories to share. And I would love you forever!

I’d actually like to hear your coming out story even if you don’t want it to be shared – which is more than fine. Just because I’m curious – who did you tell, how did it go, what did you come out as?

Personally? I told my best friend I was bisexual first. She responded positively at the time but got freaked out over months, and the revelation was a big part of why our friendship ended. It was like breaking up. She’s got a girlfriend now.

I have to take some pills, attempt sleep, and hope I don’t drool in my seminar tomorrow. See you soon, lovelies.

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I have a horrible virus (currently not on my poor laptop Sidney) and I cannot get into my gmail, which is my fandom email address.

(Also cannot open ANYTHING or back anything up. If the computer people damage my harddrive I may lose about 10k of unbacked-up stuff, I've been writing a lot this week. FUCK.)

This post completed, I'm gonna eat a hunk of chocolate and read lovely porny H/C on the family computer. Any recs?


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I’ve resisted posting about this, partly because my internet access has been extremely sporadic (I went home for two weeks for Easter) and partly because I knew it would be a post of full... well, cheese and whine. You see, I have writer’s block. )I thought I should say hello.

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Being ill at really inappropriate times. And sleeping a lot, when you're used to being able to stay up late with very little in the way of ill effects.


Er... I should say something else so this isn't just the Grumpy Ill Post that I'll cringe at in a few days. Have a limerick.

There was a woman, name of Narcissa,
Her husband did love to kiss 'er,
The Aurors didn't aim to please,
So she kicked 'em between the knees,
They cried, and all the hexes missed 'er!

...I'm tired.

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Oh no.

Nov. 6th, 2008 07:11 pm
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I just got an email telling me that California voted yes on Prop 8.

Well. I'm going out to a gay bar tonight, as it happens. Tonight may involve a lot of drinking for all involved.

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Bad news and good news, today.

Bad news: my iPod got stolen. This really upset me, but I got over it within hours: I have no talent for unhappiness. I can replace it for £50 via insurance. Of course, I also had plenty of reason to be happy...

Good news: my friend just gave me The Game by Diana Wynne Jones! She is my favourite author, and it's a new book by her. I am unbelievably happy about this; my darling friend, who is the Boy Next Door, seemed rather surprised when I leapt on him, gave him a hug and a kiss. But it's so good. She didn't publish for over ten years, after proligacy in the 70s and 80s; I still get this disbelieving thrill when I hear there's a new one.

Even better, it says at the back we're getting a sequel to Howl's Moving Castle!

And there's a book fair at college! I shall overspend horribly tomorrow, I can feel it.

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I am more-or-less back online, in the sense that I'm using Middle Sister's computer and she is very tolerant. Oh, interwebs, did you miss me? You make everything OK. Even the fact that I have been struck down by a nasty cold. This cold is particularly nasty because I thought 'it's not that bad' and wrote 1000 words of [personal profile] enchanted_jae's przzie, before I read it back and realised it was gibberish. Dispiriting.

But everything is all right again, because Wendy Cope is going to be speaking at Warwick University soon. She is a great poet. A little while after that, Helen Dunmore. I've got to figure out a way to be there for at least one of them. Two hours in a car is as nothing to me.

I have been fighting not to unleash a shower of quotes - damn, one got past me! - from Wendy Cope in this post. Now I feel this is pointless. So I sign off saying thank you, slash and funny flist, for entertaining me while I feel unwell. Visiting relatives tomorrow I shall spend a blissful evening, lost/ in carnal thoughts of you.

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Some horrible disease vaguely resembling tonsillitus has infected me. These germs have been skittering around in my lungs for nearly a week. With luck they'll be gone soon - till then I'm missing in action. Love to you all, specially [personal profile] sassy_cissa.

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