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Jesus fuck, you guys.

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Some of my best friends live in Croydon, Peckham, Lewisham. Still more of my best friends have family in those areas, and are themselves unpleasantly close to the riots.

I've just been standing in the kitchen with my laptop, reading out the news to Middle Sister, her boyfriend and my mum as it breaks: eleven tube stations closed, burning all over Croydon, rioting shifting and moving over what seems like half the city.

This is my favourite place in the whole world and it's being burnt down. Rioting is scary enough but the arson is worse.
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Guess what, kids? MY DISSERTATION IS IN!

As is my final essay.

I am FINISHED. Degree is over. (Noooo don’t make me leave!)

Whoa. Headrush.

No, I do not know what I’m doing now, thanks for asking - well, except for catching up on everything I’ve spent a month neglecting. Most especially [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley, because that is going to be fucking awesome and I need to help make it more so.

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Writer’s block has hit me like a train. Not surprising, really; Miss Godfrey and Violet both went home this morning. More importantly for writer’s-block-causing, this has been a stressful week essay-wise, and since I have a big Medieval project and my dissertation due in less than a month, it’s not going to ease off quickly.

And [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley is coming up - which is a source of great excitement, but also effort!

Anyway: writing is far from the only way one can contribute to fandom, so in that spirit, here are the two [livejournal.com profile] crack_broom recs I’ve posted so far this month.

Custard Tarts for the Tart by [livejournal.com profile] iamisaac (Severus/Draco, 2500 words, NC-17.)
After the war, there are precious few jobs going for ex-Death-Eaters. War-hero Severus, however, finds one for Draco...

This is short, elegant, and utterly engrossing.

It was written for a “catamites” challenge at Daily Deviant, but takes a very different tack from the one you might expect. This Draco isn’t a mistreated, virginal woobie; but neither is he an effortlessly beautiful, charming, superlatively skilled young whore. He’s never brought Snape to orgasm with his mouth alone, and he has to try hard to keep his figure.

He’s Snape’s catamite, and is very aware of his status. It’s a job, despite his feelings for Snape, despite what the world believes; and he must do it well or he’ll be out on the street. But - of course - he loves Snape.

Snape looms over every line of this fic, but even when he appears ‘on screen’ it’s unclear what he feels for Draco. And that works wonderfully: this fic is deep into Draco’s POV, and not only is he unsure of Snape’s feelings, he’s not really concerned with them. He has to focus on pleasing Snape, on being pleasing, for both material and emotional self-protection.

A fic with this premise could be so overblown and melodramatic; instead it’s an elegant, wonderfully characterised snippet of hearbreak.

Snape and Draco by [livejournal.com profile] glockgal (Severus/Draco, G.)

IT’S REALLY CUTE. I know Snaco is meant to be the cool ship, you know, with fuckloads of angst and Gothic identity crises and kinky kinky sex. But whatever, I am confessing to my love of Snaco fluff. And this is just so cute and I flail at it and beam at it and OH DRACO’S BLUSH.

It’s a G-rated little comic, with an extremely cute, funny, recognisable Snape and Draco. And totally worth checking out just for Snape’s changing expressions as Draco is SUPER-STEALTHY.

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For the first time since I got my LJ - five years, almost - my default icon does not have Doctor Who’s trainers on it. This is taking a significant amount of getting used to. However, my new default is beautiful and I love the font and the dawn and the cityspace, because I am City Girl For Life. Thank you again [livejournal.com profile] talekayler :D

Speaking of BEAUTIFUL THINGS PEOPLE HAVE CREATED FOR ME... I commissioned [livejournal.com profile] sugareey for some H/D art. My prompt was extremely flaily and all over the place, but it mentioned a fic I hope ONE DAY to finish, with Auror!Harry and trainee!Draco. And the result was a really fantastic bit of kissing!art.

Auror Lessons by sugareey )*beams smugly at the world*

RL’s ticking along; last night I sneaked into the campus science block, stayed there til it was locked, and filmed a zombie film with five friends. )

I have a lot to do: I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] getshitdone, for help powering through on my dissertation and final essays, and the deadlines are coming. It’s rather scary, and I will likely not be about much for the next ten days. I won’t be disappearing entirely, though, because for April I am doing Snape/Draco recs over at [livejournal.com profile] crack_broom!

I have spent two days making myself a lovely shiny list of the fics and art I want to rec and having a genre and author/artist balance, while also, you know, saying THESE ARE MY FAVOURITES EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE THEM AS I DO. I am excited :D
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If a beautiful dress made of translucent black material arrives with a slip, you would not think the slip would also be translucent. It’s especially frustrating since said dress is designed to be buttoned up the front - it has this cool Victorian-blouse type front - and that would, you know, shield my modesty. Only my breasts get in the way. It still looks pretty good un-buttoned but since the slip is SEE-THROUGH my modesty remains thoroughly unshielded.

And the only other slip I have is a: at my parents’ and b: RIDICULOUSLY tiny. I mean seriously. Shortest thing I’ve ever owned, and I shop at ASOS and New Look so I own some pretty fucking high hemlines. This causes hmphing noises, since half the reason I shelled out for this dress was that it was pretty and knee-length and I could wear it to my parents’ Christmas parties.

Oh well. It is still beautiful, and if I can’t wear such a tiny-slipped article to the sort of slightly pretentious parties my parents have where I smile brightly and talk about my interest in Shakespeare, I can wear it to the sort of slightly pretentious parties my friends have where I smile drunkenly and talk about which of Shakespeare’s characters I’d most like to fuck.

Othello and Titania, fyi. I know, I know, but Othello’s hot pre-uxoricide. Would also do Hotspur and Mercutio. Angelo would get a pity fuck, poor bastard, and I’d ride Viola like a racehorse.

What about you, flist? Hey, who wants to play marry/shag/kill: Shakespeare edition?

Comment and give me three Shakespeare characters to marry/shag/kill, or ask for three of your own - or both! And we can get freaky with our geeky :D

I know, I’m sorry, I just can’t resist a stupid rhyme. I’m wincing too.

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I'm currently sitting in my university library waiting for an essay to print. This has given me a wonderful view of one of the most hilarious dances to watch ever: The Dance Of The Computer Suite )
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I am so ridiculous. I was laughing at my own idiocy all through writing this; I really take the virtue of being able to laugh at oneself to the level of narcissism.

So, my Medieval Arthurian Traditions seminar has a good-looking blond bloke in it. He does drama, so I noticed him, but I was basically immune to his charmingly symmetrical features until this week. I was in a mini-group with him and two other people, and we were giggling about the various bizarrities of Chetien de Troyes.

And then the beautiful blond boy said “Arthur”.

And I realised he looks SO MUCH LIKE BRADLEY JAMES.

Straight blond hair, face is the same shape, same haircut, similar build, the jawline of champions…

My ability to be coherent was severely impacted by this.

BEAUTIFUL BOY: *makes a point*
LOKIFAN: *stares at Beautiful Boy*
LOUD AMERICAN GIRL: *makes her point*
LOKIFAN: *tries to work out if BB’s eyes are blue or grey*
PHILOSOPHY STUDENT: *makes his point*
LOKIFAN: *wonders if Beautiful Boy has a girlfriend*
BEAUTIFUL BOY: *notices Lokifan staring*
LOKIFAN: Er. Um. I’M MAKING A POINT! ANY POINT! Were those words?

I have serious doubts about how much I’m going to learn on the remainder of this course. Seriously, the hair and the jawline and the eyes… and we’re getting into Le Morte D’Arthur and the chances that I’m going to forget learning in favour of making this beautiful Bradley-alike say “Merlin” a lot? VERY HIGH.

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OMG you guys.

I went out tonight (last night?) with Miss Godfrey, her boyfriend and Mr Blond Ambition. We got extremely pissed beforehand )

Is it bad form to do a meme when you’re still working on the last one? I’m just so awake and I wanna PLAY.

Hmm. Let’s do ‘Fifteen Characters’, that’s a classic. I’ve made a list of fifteen characters – the characters are from Harry Potter, Buffy/Angel, White Collar and Doctor Who/Torchwood. You can ask any question you like about any of the numbers, singly or in combination. I will then post the list of names, questions, and their answers.


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Okay, so I’m going to post this because Facebook is good for some things, but recovering specific threads isn’t one of them. Also because I’ve scared up the link for a few people because Miss Godfrey’s Facebook status describing one of the three-way conversations between me, her and Violet is a perfect encapsulation of a certain sort of id-fic. We were talking about Miss Godfrey’s angst, writing, and our ids...

LOKIFAN: You tend to just write protacted angst. You need to do cathartic. You need to kill somebody!
VIOLET: Yeah, what you need to do is write about a really sexy man, then blow him up.

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So my housemate Miss Godfrey has got herself a new gentleman caller. We’re all very pleased; you see, she met a nice boy named Scott at our university’s comedy society last spring. (Well, his name wasn’t really Scott, because people aren't called that in England, but it’ll do.) They became the best of friends and by May were getting up to filthy things on said boy’s desk. She did various lovely things for him by stealth, the NHS made their love official, and Scott said he loved her. They made plans for the summer.

She finally said she loved him, and two days later he dumped her.

The boy is not a total bastard, and so Violet and I have mostly been silent-yet-cuddlesome over the whole painful situation. Miss Godfrey has to see Scott every week for the comedy soc, and he seems to have had no trouble moving on to playing happily about being single (he was in a two-year relationship prior to the thing with Miss Godfrey) while she dies inside.

She, being the classy and somewhat repressed lady she is, is terribly polite about the whole thing. So in November we had occasion to all be at a comedy night where Scott was compere – the first time Violet and I had been around Scott, really, since the break-up and subsequent douchery.

LOKIFAN: Wow, Scott, you’ve got a furry moustache! Amazing!
SCOTT: Yeah, it’s for Movember –
LOKIFAN: It’s like you’re your own evil twin!
SCOTT: *laughs* Yeah, it’s weird.
LOKIFAN: How crazy! It’s almost like you’re suddenly being a complete dick.

At this point Scott’s cheery smile faltered and Violet dragged me away. We told Miss Godfrey afterwards and she laughed herself sick.


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Jan. 11th, 2011 12:10 pm
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My deepest and most grovelling apologies! I am so sorry. I disappeared initially because I spent two nights at [livejournal.com profile] son_of_darkness’ (AWW YEAH) making up fanfic of his original characters where [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico’s scary demon was the Fonz and Kye’s angel cried a single crystal tear while he got raped in a dirty alley. It was a special time.

Also got to see [livejournal.com profile] melusinahp for the first time in months. Her children are fantastic – Girl has definitely inherited her mother’s wit – and her husband cooks wonderfully and another friend, A, was there and I was so pleased <3. ALL WAS GOOD.

And then I unexpectedly went to Devon! )

Also, finished rereading The Prisoner of Zenda between times. Where is my Rudolf/Rupert hatesex? Bonus points if Flavia’s there! Rereading it at twenty I actually know what Rupert’s trying to do when he forces his way into Antoinette’s room and she screams, which makes him rather less attractive; but he is such a Magnificent Bastard!

Also read quite a bit of Melusine again: excellent book, despite Sarah Monette’s RaceFail and the heavy deluge of angst. Although hilariously my aunt saw the cover (which is really terrible) and she was all MAYBE I SHOULD READ IT.

She was all smiley and enthusiastic, and I stood there and tried to work out how to explain that while I love our bonding over books, this one is nsfw )
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Right, first off: [livejournal.com profile] chimera_fancies is having a massive Christmas sale of her pendants on Friday. Her stuff is unfailingly gorgeous – wearable fairy-tales! Go for it, says I: the sale starts at 12 noon PST. (Eight pm, for fellow Brits.)

I am painfully aware of how quiet I’ve been recently! It’s partly writer’s block, I must admit. I haven’t written regularly since I got back to uni in September, despite generally being a proponent of Write Something Every Day. At first it was simply impossible to find time; and even these last few weeks, when I’ve been able to make time for writing, I’ve just been blocked. It’s really horrible. Getting out of the habit of writing seems to have killed my muse with all the efficiency of a rock to the head.

(It’s also pretty annoying that I can generally write a hundred words or so before the block kicks in. So I open a document! I try! I feel like this could be the start of something! And then no.)

BUT. Emo is not the purpose of this post! Because I have been doin’ stuff! A lot of it seems to have gone from my head right now, but I have!

I’ve done really cool stuff! )

You know what else we did? We had a committee meeting about [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley. Which was a little scary – I mean, the committee is made up of clever, competent people (well, I am only one of those things, but everyone else is very competent!) but it’s still unnerving to realise OH WE HAVE TO DO ALL THESE THINGS. But it was also HUGELY exciting. We talked about programming, and the Victory Ball, and how our theme of the-war-is-over! is going to play out over the course of the con. And it all just filled me with incredible squee. SUCH COOL STUFF IS GOING TO HAPPEN, YOU GUYS. INSANELY COOL STUFF.


Another cut for talk of this weekend and shiny London )

Now I am going to go and read Fall of the House of Usher, because the downside of taking Gothic Lit is that sometimes you have to read American Gothic. Urgh.

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Still ill... and all this sleeping has screwed with my schedule, which is why I’m posting now! Violet’s ill too, she might have given her girlfriend glandular fever, and Miss Godfrey’s got an old-man cough going on. EVERYONE IS ILL. And the campus medical centre has a horrible receptionist – she’s one of those people I could deal with easily on a normal day, only because walking to campus had made me wanna die I was all *wibble*. Plus she snarled about how I needed the BCG (the TB vaccination) even though I have natural immunity. I was tested! My body said DEATH TO YOU, VIRUS! without me ever getting the injection! I don’t want the horrible pain-y injection, it’s totally unnecessary because I was obviously exposed to the disease in Ghana!

I did, after all, go to the hospital twice in the three weeks I spent in Ghana. Because my father has many wonderful qualities but he is also a fool who let his ten-year-old daughter have lobster curry when she wanted to try it, despite being in a land-locked African country.

So! Today is National Coming Out Day. Happy NCOD, everyone! It’s a lifelong process but a good one.

So... this is a bit weird, but something my uni’s Pride is doing is putting up people’s coming out stories around campus: We're looking for anonymous stories about your coming out, a single incident or an arcing plot. However short you'd like, but not longer than about 200 words, please. You don't have to just give us happy or funny stories, either. We'd much rather everyone be able to tell their true story than feel like their coming out isn't funny enough for public consumption.

We don’t have as many as we’d like, and the idea isn’t to have student ones specifically... so would any of you care to email/comment/pm me with your story? Obviously your confidentiality will be entirely respected – no names, no sources, no nothing. But I know I have a lot of queer people on my flist, who probably have interesting stories to share. And I would love you forever!

I’d actually like to hear your coming out story even if you don’t want it to be shared – which is more than fine. Just because I’m curious – who did you tell, how did it go, what did you come out as?

Personally? I told my best friend I was bisexual first. She responded positively at the time but got freaked out over months, and the revelation was a big part of why our friendship ended. It was like breaking up. She’s got a girlfriend now.

I have to take some pills, attempt sleep, and hope I don’t drool in my seminar tomorrow. See you soon, lovelies.

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So remember how I said I was off to Norwich last night? Yeah... as it turns out, not so much. I am usually very good at trains due to excessive practice, but when I fail it’s pretty epic. :( I am going today – practically now, in fact – instead, rather more expensively! I shall still be back in time for Violet’s birthday Thursday though. And then there shall be partying! It’s gonna be awesome.

Anyway, this way I get time to tell you guys about my life! I know you’ll be riveted. :)

I am terribly embarrassed by the post I made the day I left – I mean, in my defence I was incredibly stressed. But ARGH I saw that post again when I got back and was like OH NOES YOU HAVE TO GO TO A GREAT CITY YOU’VE NEVER VISITED AGAIN? AND YOUR PARENTS ARE PAYING? THAT IS SO TRAGIC. REALLY. If you read that post and thought ‘cry moar, emo kid’ I could not agree more. *embarrassed*

Amsterdam was fantastic! )

Since I’m in the mood, brief politics thoughts: )

I feel weird about the last line of a post belonging to the Real IRA because seriously violent republicans can DIAF. So I shall note that I am working on fic for the first time in AGES and it FEELS SO GOOD.

Now am off to update the masterlist at last. Deepest apologies, hd_remixer...

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*yawns* I am terribly bleary right now from packing, but I wish to post! I am terribly behind on any number of fandom things and only likely to get more so. (Although the fact that – as you may have noticed – I spent much of today and yesterday catching up on the flist has been fun and helped that situation.) Here is what’s going on with me fandom-wise:

Winning, losing, reccing and inadvisable bidding )

Just in case I don’t get a chance to post again – I’m heading back up to Norwich tonight! I have yet to finish packing! I must also tidy my room, rec an awesome creature!fic, send a variety of important letters, call Virgin to ask why the student house still has no internet and I will be TORN FROM YOUR BOSOM so soon!


Stupid growing up and vague responsibility. I never voted for it! *shakes fist*

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Guys? I begin to think Awful may be one of us. )

Also – wow, the wank always happens when I’m not here! I’m thrilled to see so many new people adding me on DW. Allow to emphasise: subscribing is what puts me on your flist. Access allows me to see your flocked posts. The DW people have very sensibly separated these two elements of ‘friending’, and I think it’s confusing the LJ people – a lot of people are giving me access without subscribing! Seems logical it’d be the other way round, or else you guys don’t want my fic but you do want my terribly sensible personal advice...?!

Back home tomorrow, and I’ll be able to properly catch up! I’ve barely skimmed the first page of my flist, because dearest Terrible is hanging out with me right now. Luckily he is nice and lets me type while we chat!

They didn’t change the sheets for me this visit either but I’ve had a blast. Climbing around Dartmoor tors ftw!

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Oh *family*

Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:13 am
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Had a lovely time with some friends this weekend, with lots of zombies and WATCHING OF THE ROOM – thank you, [livejournal.com profile] annephoenix! There was also watching of a GOOD film and eating home-made lasagne and chocolate tart. *wins at friends*

Apparently I didn’t mess anything up too much with the moving. My dad’s in an excellent mood now – he’s a lecturer on African economic history, and spent YEARS writing a long and impressive book about it. This long and impressive book just went paperback, which academic books don’t often do. So YAY DAD! We shall not make a penny, of course – he waived his cut so the book could be bought more cheaply by African universities, especially Accra and Asante – but he’s very proud.

I shall talk Amsterdam – at last! – and my Five Things meme very soon. But right now – I’m in Devon! )

I strongly suspect Livejournal will get rid of this Facebook/Twitter bollocks since it’s got nothing to do with how the majority of users, including non-fen, use the site. But just in case: please do not link anything here to Facebook or Twitter. My RL and fandom lives are relatively connected but I’ve been burnt by lack of privacy – particularly by misguided friends outing me without realising I’d mind. So this is definitely worrying!

Anyone who wants a DW code, I’ve got seven!

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So, off in a few hours and frantically trying to make my Harry/Draco LDWS drabble not crap... I strongly suspect I shall go out this week, if only because I shall be too busy being in Amsterdam to spend another thirty-six hours messing with my entry. Anybody care to beta?

Cut for clothes and sisters talk )

Anyway, since I’m off into the wilds of Europe (LOLOLOL) I shall do the five things meme! I am totally doing this so I have some comments to reply to when I get back and can feel all connected to you guys, I’m not gonna lie.

Ask me my Top Five whatevers. Fannish or literary or RL or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what – fandoms, characters, ice cream flavours, cartoon moments, women/men in my fandoms, OTPs, ideal holiday destinations, goals for the future, celebrity crushes, books I wish would be made into movies, love songs, etc. And I will answer them all in a new entry.

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So you know how I was all pleased because my RL deadlines were over with and I could spend the weekend writing? Yeah... that didn’t happen. A new RL deadline for this Thursday has sprung up. It wouldn’t be very arduous, except for one thing which is going to make it incredibly hard: I’m spending Monday to Wednesday in Amsterdam.

HUZZAH, right? )

[livejournal.com profile] sugareey is awesome. You know how I know this? Because I commissioned her and got some FANTASTIC art! I asked her for Snape and Draco from either DH or HBP. You can actually interpret it as either one – Snape’s lecturing Draco, and you can see his desperation – OMG that mouth, nearly a snarl – and Draco just looks trapped and miserable and SO PRETTY. *fondles his hair* Also EYELASHES. Draco’s pout v Snape’s mouth says so much.

I ♥ commissioning art, you guys. *cuddles the lovely art* Especially art like this. I love the Snape/Draco relationship, especially because stuff like this – where I interpret it as entirely platonic – is still angsty and powerful and awesome.

cut for Time To Go by sugareey )

So: here a link to where [livejournal.com profile] sugareey posted her art for me so you can leave her glowing feedback. I’ll be back Thursday night at the earliest. Have fun and don’t break the internet!

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First things first: Middle Sister, like the rest, got her A-Level results on yesterday. (For non-Brits: A-Levels are what you take after GCSEs if you so choose. After A Levels (sixteen-to-eighteen) comes university, if you want and you can.) She did fantastically well: two A*s and a B. She was, astonishingly, pretty depressed. Poor love got the B for Art, which is her favourite subject, having been told she’d get a A by her teacher. This same teacher lost her coursework so we hate him.

But on the whole: HUZZAH! She’s off to study art history at Leeds in September. Lucky girl. I’m having epic and continuing angst about what to do after I leave uni and everyone I know is heartily sick of hearing about it. :)

On to promo: my fic Tangible Benefits got through the first round at Smutastic!! I am SHOCKED but pleased. If you so choose, the link to vote is here -- voting is done via screened comments. (Best femmeslash!! *squees to herself*)

I’ve not been able to write at all this week due to horrible icky RL. *pouts at it* Now I am throwing myself JOYFULLY into the writing of stuff and it’s awesome. Oh text, never leave me again!

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