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Babble.com is having a contest called "Moms Who are Changing Your World" in which people can vote for inspirational moms. One of the nominees in the Activism category is Sarah Hoffman, who blogs about having a genderqueer child and is working to raise awareness of the needs of non-gender-conforming children.

If you have a FB account, go HERE to vote for Sarah and show your support. Voting ends September 20, and you can vote every day! :-)

I'll post in a few days, guys. Having a bit of a rough time just now. But I'm commenting and reading and about!
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IDAHO, huzzah! Happy International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, everybody. In that spirit, I’ve spent much of today drafting the gender-neutral toilets motion for our next Union Council and writing a letter to Anne Main, my Conservative MP, to let her know that I am unhappy with her voting record on gay rights and both hope and expect to see this government do better than the last Tory one.

If my fellow Brits want to do something similar, you can find your MP’s voting record and contact details at theyworkforyou.com, as well as the Parliamentary website.

On that subject – wow, I wonder how much kinky Cameron/Clegg RPS is going to be generated over the next five years? I’m weirded out by RPS, to be honest (Simon Amstell can be seen looking horrifically embarrassed as McFly/him RPS smut is read aloud here, poor love) but still. There have been so many civil union jokes made already – especially after that press conference in the rose garden! – and their attempts to body-language their way into dominance are a: hilarious and b: sort of hot.

CAMERON: *pats patronisingly*
CLEGG: *pats back*
CAMERON: *puts hand on the small of Clegg’s back*
CLEGG: *moves away*
CLEGG: You’re first among equals, bitch.

And really, David Blunkett described Clegg as a “harlot” of all things!

In other news, the rewatch of Buffy and Angel by Miss Godfrey’s House of Queers has now reached Hero. WE LOVE YOU DOYLE.

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Today’s the last day of LGBT History Month here in the UK. I’m kind of in the mood to do something cheery and soppy to say goodbye to it (and to the Pride committee here at my uni having to take on the full load of LGBT events again). Am also in the mood to learn and to hear about cool things.

So I’m going to tell you guys about some cool queer people – fictional and otherwise – and hopefully you guys will do the same for me. And we can all learn and roll around in the general fantastic that is these people )

Let’s get down to some fictional people. Look at all this awesome! )


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Very interesting question. ‘Respect’ and ‘trust’ are fairly strong words; I can do both of those things irrespective of my political beliefs. I can’t admire people with certain views, at least not the way I do people without them.

I’m strongly against capital punishment, but it doesn’t colour my opinion of people if they disagree (although in Britain that’s unusual). I think they’re wrong, but I see it as people seeing the world differently, and that’s better than fine.

On abortion things are slightly different. )
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I went to the NUS LGBT conference this weekend! I shall post about it soon. It was good, and mostly impressively progressive, and I am all excited about Righting Social Wrongs. Also I met an incredibly beautiful girl who writes, and lives in London, and likes the Electric Ballroom and lesbian Gothic vampire paintings.

Unfortunately, I immediately got a stomach bug on my return. I HAVE MY FIRST EXAM ON TUESDAY, I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR ILLNESS!

Speaking of time and the lack of it, I am rather urgently in need of a beta. Seamus/Draco, in-Hogwarts, everybody’s sixteen so of-age in my brain but possibly not in yours. Any offers? Plz?

And now I must sleep some more, and finish rereading Ghostwalk. Which I heartily recommend, incidentally. It’s helped save my revision period, although Rebecca Stott’s beautiful, intricate sentences, like clockwork jewellery, are not at all suited for speed-reading.

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Last night I was elected Welfare Officer for my university’s Pride committee! And as a delegate to the NUS LGBT conference! W00t!

That will be especially fun. Policy-making = chance to create real change! To decide on campaigns! To tell off Stonewalll for its shit behaviour towards trans people, with the National Union of Students behind me.

And the voting for other officers was very satisfying. My friends got in, and they’ll do well. Acquaintances got in who’ll also do well. Most satisfying was when Short Dick, who was running for Events Co-ordinator (or whatever it’s called) got all his straight flatmates to come and vote for him. Yes, we’re queers. Obviously. And he still lost! HURRAY FOR THE MOST UNDERHANDED PERSON LOSING ANYWAY!

Plus, I have an impressive-looking thing for my CV. ;D

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Oh no.

Nov. 6th, 2008 07:11 pm
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I just got an email telling me that California voted yes on Prop 8.

Well. I'm going out to a gay bar tonight, as it happens. Tonight may involve a lot of drinking for all involved.

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It’s Tuesday. Meaning today, in America, a vitally important democratic procedure will take place.

No, not the presidential election go Obama! but the Californian vote on Proposition 8. )
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$50 250 for marriage equality!

Oh, and guys?

Find out a very cool thing! See my teal deer of squee! )
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Guys? The auction is up to $47 811. They're doing a 'last chance salon' to help us make it $50 000. How amazing would that be? The power of fandom raising half a million dollars for charity!

I'm offering three 2000-word minimum fics, for $10 each. Anyone want one? Hell, buy more than one if you'd like! Smut, comedy, darkfic, smut, fluff, smut!

Leave a comment here if you'd like one.

[personal profile] lavillanueva, don't yell, OK? Deadlines are as nothing before the awesomeness that is this!

ETA: all three are SOLD!

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You guys might know that it’s the Lambeth Conference this week. The Lambeth Conference is the biggest meeting of the Anglican church there ever is: every bishop from the Church of England can attend.

This one is big news. The General Synod voted today to ordain female bishops. Can I get an Amen? :d

They’re also talking about ordaining gay men as bishops. Unsurprisingly, I absolutely support both these measures! I’m an atheist but I grew up in the Church of England, and I’m worried about what’s going to happen. I am, after all, a bisexual woman and I want others like me to able to advance.

Cut for those less interested )

The conservative Anglican bishops held their own conference a few weekends ago in Jerusalem, boycotting the Lambeth Conference. They did their own thing, and declared their sexist, homophobic, arguably-not-backed-by-Gospel beliefs. Unfortunately, they had perhaps not checked the dates for the conference well enough. You see, that weekend had another big event happening in Jerusalem...

The Gay Pride parade.

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour?

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I just put up two offers: to write fanfic or original fic of 5000 words, and to write four sonnets. I'm pretty nervous, and I feel a little ridiculous to be acting like people would pay money for one of my stories! But I also feel much better - this is such a good cause, and I was starting to feel so guilty that I wasn't one of the many, many fandomers who've offered to help! I'm lucky enough to be able to marry a woman if I choose to, and I want to share the luck around!

Seriously, guys. I'm assuming and hoping you've all seen this already, but go and look again! There's the most amazing stuff on offer.

Right, I'm going to go and have a nervous breakdown at the idea that I've just posted to say '£££ or I won't write for you'. Yes, I know it's for charity. That doesn't make me feel much less anxious.

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