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Right, first off: [livejournal.com profile] chimera_fancies is having a massive Christmas sale of her pendants on Friday. Her stuff is unfailingly gorgeous – wearable fairy-tales! Go for it, says I: the sale starts at 12 noon PST. (Eight pm, for fellow Brits.)

I am painfully aware of how quiet I’ve been recently! It’s partly writer’s block, I must admit. I haven’t written regularly since I got back to uni in September, despite generally being a proponent of Write Something Every Day. At first it was simply impossible to find time; and even these last few weeks, when I’ve been able to make time for writing, I’ve just been blocked. It’s really horrible. Getting out of the habit of writing seems to have killed my muse with all the efficiency of a rock to the head.

(It’s also pretty annoying that I can generally write a hundred words or so before the block kicks in. So I open a document! I try! I feel like this could be the start of something! And then no.)

BUT. Emo is not the purpose of this post! Because I have been doin’ stuff! A lot of it seems to have gone from my head right now, but I have!

I’ve done really cool stuff! )

You know what else we did? We had a committee meeting about [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley. Which was a little scary – I mean, the committee is made up of clever, competent people (well, I am only one of those things, but everyone else is very competent!) but it’s still unnerving to realise OH WE HAVE TO DO ALL THESE THINGS. But it was also HUGELY exciting. We talked about programming, and the Victory Ball, and how our theme of the-war-is-over! is going to play out over the course of the con. And it all just filled me with incredible squee. SUCH COOL STUFF IS GOING TO HAPPEN, YOU GUYS. INSANELY COOL STUFF.


Another cut for talk of this weekend and shiny London )

Now I am going to go and read Fall of the House of Usher, because the downside of taking Gothic Lit is that sometimes you have to read American Gothic. Urgh.

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Seconding opened at the Smutastic Awards last Thursday. The mods there are running a little competition to get seconding going: basically seconding, pimping, and especially pimping with banners gets you points. If you get the most points, you can either write a drabble and have it posted at the comm so the world will see how awesome you are, or prompt a mod and get awesome hotness written for you. Everybody wins! Except the people who lose.

cut for a sexy, shirtless, kissing-men banner )

Only the top five stories from each category make it to the final voting round, so please go and second stories! You can second as many stories as you like from each category. So if you are a Hufflepuff – or just impressed with the awesomeness of the fic – GO CRAZY! Second everything! Including, preferably:

Walk All Over You in the Best Oneshot category.

Worthy in the Best PWP category.

Tangible Benefits in the Best Femmeslash category.

You’ll make me so happy. :)

Of course, I am already a happy bunny! Because on Monday I saw lots of lovely fandom people and [personal profile] lizardspots drew a nekkid Neal Caffrey in my notebook before the page was stolen by a DASTARDLY PIRATE. Luckily the Dastardly Pirate also brought amazing and enormous cupcakes and bought a round of drinks. We love her.

And we saw Potted Panto, which was done by the Potted Potter guys and therefore hilarious. The look on Dan’s face when he saw us all sitting in a row... ahahaha. WE WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE POTTED EARTH!

And then today I hung out and had a massive lunch with the hilarious [profile] lilith1631. *smiles at the world* Tomorrow I go out in search of a job. Again. Wish me luck!

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Jul. 23rd, 2010 10:09 am
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I’m starting to hear increased buzz about Diacon Alley... so excited!

Two recs:

Check out [profile] graduate_maria, a comm to help an LJ user get through her final semester (more details, including checking-out details, at the comm). Some truly fantastic photography is up for grabs, as well as fics and a rainbow rocking horse.

Seriously, you guys, you must read [personal profile] treacle_tartlet’s [profile] hd_parallel fic, What Else Had I To Do But Love You? The fact that the title is an Oscar Wilde quote tells you everything you need to know: this is funny, charming, and has a witty, gay dilettante taking it up the arse from a secret-inheritance-having labourer named Harry Potter. It’s like a cross between The Importance of Being Earnest, Lady Chatterley’s Lover and A Little Princess.

Generally non-magic AUs are the one kind of fic I am guaranteed not to read, and AUs in general are not my thing. I especially avoid Victorian AUs because let’s face it, the more British among us do not always want to read about bloody Victorian London where it is somehow always Christmas and photogenic orphans are shivering in the snow.

This one’s set in Wiltshire, not London, because this Draco has been banned from the London social whirl – and Wilde and his crowd – by an incensed Lucius. He hangs about watching gardener!Harry work, and they fall in love despite the disapproval of Lucius and Reverend Snape. It’s a very simple and romantic story, with true love conquering all, and it is hilarious. [personal profile] treacle_tartlet has a hundred funny turns of phrase, and the banter is FANTASTIC. It’s ~6k and it seemed to vanish in a moment, leaving me with a grin on my face.

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Two recs

Jul. 14th, 2010 12:08 am
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Do you enjoy Draco getting fucked by Death Eaters? You don’t? Wow, you put up with a lot being on my flist, huh.

For those who do, I have two recs:

The marvellous [profile] drippingcherry has indeed turned my ickle Barty Jr/Draco Crucio drabble into a short, awesomely porny fic: Twisted. It’s AU – Barty survived, and this is immediately post-OoTP. It’s written from Barty’s perspective – second person, which just emphasises the disassociated crazycakes that is Barty Crouch Jr. Very easy to read and the build-up is fantastic. And the sex! So hot. And makes fantastic use of the Cruciatus curse. Seriously, it is so twisted and awesome.

And [profile] reikokatsura drew me incredibly cute Snaco art. Draco’s naked and collared in an equally naked Snape’s lap and yet it’s adorable. Blushing, lanky Draco folded awkward onto Snape’s lap, holding onto him, while Snape keeps a proprietary hand on Draco’s thigh. And glares at the Harry who’s just discovered them :DDD

*beams at her flist* I love it when we make Draco cry!

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The ever-lolarious [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico and [livejournal.com profile] son_of_darkness have FINALLY DONE what they’ve been planning for ages: they’ve set up a Youtube account for Harry and Ron! They have lots of hilarious plans so you should totally subscribe... Hermione and Draco will both be around.

The first video is here, and you should NOT BE DRINKING ANYTHING WHILE YOU WATCH IT. (Especially around 2:20). Because if you do, you will be DED OF LOL.

Harry and Ron make sexy faces! Ron does a pointy-fingers boyband move! Harry broods and makes an ANGST FACE! There is a SURPRISE DRACO! Ron cries then FALLS OVER IN SLOW MOTION! It is all set to the Backstreet Boys!

I don’t want to overstate the case, but I firmly believe YOUR LIFE IS BUT A HOLLOW SHELL if you have not seen this video.


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I saw Marina and the Diamonds, a sold-out gig, for free on Tuesday! It was fantastic. She’s AMAZING live – I’ve never been at any gig where they sounded so much better than on the CD!

I feel it’s only a matter of time before I get sucked into something a little bit Tory, a little bit Lib Dem. (Actually, wouldn’t that be a great theme for a Cameron/Clegg fic? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The something borrowed being power, of course.)

Miss Godfrey got officially together with her boy last night, in the back of an ambulance (they’re both fine). The Boy shall be nicknamed Johnson here. Although he is not awesome as Johnson in Peep Show.

I am in a strange mood, I know. Quick promos:

Reccing for the H/D Bookshelf closes very shortly! Go and rec things! You have three options. Perhaps you could use one to rec your favourite H/D fic of mine. *coughs* More seriously, there’s a whole bunch of great fic that hasn’t made it onto the list. Obviously there had to be a limit on how much any one person could rec, but still. IF YOU HAVEN’T, GO SUGGEST YOUR FAVOURITES NOW. Between The Shadow and The Soul by [personal profile] aoifene is a huge favourite of mine and not up there!

Can I suggest you go here? READ International, a charity that works for child literacy, had a short story competition. The stories that made the second round are up now and can be read free! They’re all good quality, so if you like original short stories, go for it!

The stories with the most votes go through to the next round. You can vote as many times as you want, but each vote costs 50p (75 cents). All the money goes to help child literacy!

Also, um, my friend Nicholas Mellish wrote one of the storiesthere – it’s about time-travelling smugglers and has a whiff to Douglas Adams about it. Nick is fantastic in many ways and a big Doctor Who fan. HE DESERVES YOUR VOTES.

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1. Basked in the joy of being back in Norwich, in Miss Godfrey’s House of Queers. I got back on Saturday, as did Violet, and we went to the gay bar and danced a lot and hung out with some of our lovely friends. (And yes, I wore a very short dress. >.< Certain People can remain silent.)

2. Hugged Miss Godfrey madly, when she got here on Sunday. The three of us spent five hours talking and catching up. Then we got Indian takeaway and talked some more, and then we watched three Buffy episodes. It was a lovely day.

3. Made a comm.

Wait, what?

Yes! There is now a rondraco comm over on Dreamwidth! And I have made it! I’m really happy, because I made it ten minutes ago and I’ve been writing Ron/Draco porn today and I just want to roll around in their pureblooded, rodenty love.

But the comm needs members! And love! And content!

I, of course, can channel some love and content in there. But it’s not my personal LJ, it’s a comm, and I’d really love to see lots of stuff over there that has nothing to do with me at all. (It’s getting rather embarrassing at the DW Harry/Draco comm, which is a barren wasteland of me and [personal profile] slashpervert).

I know some of you have Dreamwidth accounts! And if you don’t, but want one, I can give you the code! So, um, head over there please? Reposting of old stuff, or posting recs, will also be welcomed with slobbery love, like Sirius when he smells Remus’ James’ crotch.


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I’ve been playing at the drabble-a-thon over at [profile] karmic_sunshine. Some gorgeous things have been written for my requests – [personal profile] guardians_song wrote me funny all-dialogue James/Sirius, which ends with a darkly comic character moment. And she wrote me Crouch!Moody/Draco about-to-be-non-con, which is just delicious. A Question of Time by [profile] ms_antrophy is kinky fun with dark!Draco/Neville.

Some quick reccing of my favourite other drabbles over there:

Doing Him In by [personal profile] pretty_panther -- Harry/Pansy with stockings and a lovely rhythm to the writing.

Practice Makes Perfect by [profile] grander_fanfics -- Draco/Ginny, but I can go with the pairing for 200 words. Specially when it has SurpriseDomme!Ginny.

Howl by [profile] l3petitmort -- Sirius/Remus, with a fantastic extended metaphor involving the motorbike.

Acoustics by [profile] l3petitmort -- Fred/George from Molly’s perspective. This is a fabulous encapsulation of messed-up family dynamics.

Here are the four I’ve written:

[personal profile] arobynsung requested Kingsley/Narcissa, a bit of power. Rated NC-17:

Love Letter )

[personal profile] serilla requested Rabastan/Draco, waiting. The wordcount was a BITCH on this one. Includes non-con and is rated NC-17:

Waiting )

[personal profile] jaydestarlight requested Cho/Marietta, focus. Rated PG:

Best Friends )

[profile] phoenix_core requested Draco/Luna, because blondes have more fun. Here be G-rated fluff:

Dizzy )
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So, the Doctor Who special!

...Frankly, I was disappointed. The plot was incoherent, and the pacing was horrible: I can see what they were going for, with the rushing about in between random, still character moments, but it didn’t work for me.

On the other hand, there was some delicious, delicious fanservice. And anything with the John-Simm!Master in it has a good chance of making me smile. And drool. )

And now for something completely different – here is a link to a site called Secret Sales. Basically they have sales of designer products – mostly clothes, but bags, homeware, bath stuff, jewellery, lingerie etc all make an appearance – with massive discounts. We’re talking in the realm of ‘I bought my housemate Violet a dress for Christmas that costs £80 in Knightsbridge, and could get her earrings as well.’

Cut for more info )
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I just put up two offers: to write fanfic or original fic of 5000 words, and to write four sonnets. I'm pretty nervous, and I feel a little ridiculous to be acting like people would pay money for one of my stories! But I also feel much better - this is such a good cause, and I was starting to feel so guilty that I wasn't one of the many, many fandomers who've offered to help! I'm lucky enough to be able to marry a woman if I choose to, and I want to share the luck around!

Seriously, guys. I'm assuming and hoping you've all seen this already, but go and look again! There's the most amazing stuff on offer.

Right, I'm going to go and have a nervous breakdown at the idea that I've just posted to say '£££ or I won't write for you'. Yes, I know it's for charity. That doesn't make me feel much less anxious.

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