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Guess what I am going to do? Make a meta-y post about kink and rape fantasy in popular perception! Guess what I am also going to do? Mention Sarah Monette in a meta-y post!

Torches and pitchforks are by the door, everyone.

Doms as morally inferior to subs: it’s all over the place )

Possibly I’m oversensitive to this stuff - but then, I’m really not dominant or sadistic at all. My only interest in all this is making sure potential future sexual partners feel no shame :D Which would be my cue, of course, to ask the dom/mes on the flist to weigh in, as well as everyone else. Thoughts?
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Okay, so you know how New Who seems slavishly devoted to the one-Doctor-one-Companion rule? (*cries* I loved Rory. I loved having two companions who were in love with each other. BRING BACK RORY!) And how the introduction of each Companion brings writers out of the woodwork describing her as ‘fiesty’? (Fiesty is one of my least-favourite words, and not-incidentally a totem of ‘post-feminist’ characterisation of women.)

SO MANY PARANTHESES. But I think you get where I’m going. Cut for spoilers and women characters talk )
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So, I have a little writer’s block and it’s been a month since I went to any seminars or lectures. Since writing is where I vent my insufferably intellectualised view of the world and I have no seminars in which I can talk at great length about monstrous women, it’s entirely predictable that I am reading a lot of meta. Ferretbrain articles and analyses of Lady Gaga videos are forming a great part of this, but they have nothing to do with what I really have the urge to write about: to whit, the habit fans have of claiming to love characters for their flaws and what that means.

It’s pretty much universal: we hear that people who like our favourite character are whitewashing, being silly fangirls, missing their glaring faults. (I imagine villain-lovers hear this more but I’ve certainly seen it related to the heroes.) We get all William Congreve: 'nay, I like her for her faults!' )
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Bloody anaemia. I’ve been sleeping ten hours a day minimum the last week: usually I need eight, seven if I’ve not done much. And I’m still tired. *buys iron tablets*

Okay, the Slash vs Femmeslash panel at Azkatraz. This was extra-awesome, largely because of its impromptu but awesome panel: [personal profile] woldy, [personal profile] tray_la_la, the mod whose name I didn’t catch, and halfway through, [personal profile] mijan. (Am I forgetting someone? I feel like I am.)

There was discussion of popular slash pairings, and how there’s nothing really to match them in femmeslash: there’s no Harry/Draco, or Harry/Snape, equivalent in the world of girlsex. [personal profile] woldy noted that femmeslash readers have to be much more wide-ranging than slash readers out of necessity, which is very true.

cut for what was discussed and some added thinky thoughts, vague as they are )
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So, I’ve been reading Elkins’ meta about the Crouch family. I am absolutely fascinated. It doesn’t hurt that Julius and Brutus, and another Brutus, are repeatedly referenced. I have a strong desire to go and write Crouch/Crouch to work out some of my thoughts about their relationship. But since I have deadlines, I can’t. So I started to think about why the younger Barty Crouch appeals to me so much more than his father.

Frail, brilliant blonds with overbearing parents tend to interest me anyway. :) )

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Let’s talk about bad boys. Specifically, bad boys in Harry Potter.

We’ve all come across Draco being referred to as ‘the bad boy’ – usually by gushy journalists in badfic, but whatever. There is an idea that Draco Malfoy is a Bad Boy. There’s even more an idea that Lucius Malfoy’s Bad, Real Bad. Where does this come from?

Interesting question, but it might make more sense to think about what makes a bad boy bad. )
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The marvellous [profile] frantic_mice recced my fic Unforgivable (if you follow the link, READ THE WARNINGS), and she said very clever things. Between that and the talking in the comments, I’m suddenly missing literary analysis like whoa! It has been months since I analysed a book, and it’s a month until I get to go to UEA and be an English student, with all the blathering about literature that entails.

For God’s sake, I wrote an email to a friend composed entirely of haiku today. Clearly I need to get my English-nerd on.

So I’m posting this essay. I wrote it for a writing competition, so I could include non-fiction. I didn’t win the competition, but I think this is pretty good meta; I’m almost certain it’s what got me into UEA. Do be aware this wasn’t written for LJ originally!

It’s all about monsters in fiction, though. Because it’s themed, rather than character-based, I never got to Voldemort: but don’t be afraid to bring him up in the comments! Or the Master (the Buffyverse one or the Whoverse one!), or Angelus, or Davros. Come, fannish friends, and tell me about books.

Oh, and if you don't want to read my Teal Deer about the portrayal of monsters in fiction, and how it varies from Gothic novels to children's novels to modern YA, check out the bibliography. Those books are AWESOME.

Bibliography )

Here Be Monsters )


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