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I am totally lacking focus at the moment. It's hard to write; it's almost impossible to read. I'm pretty much recovered, at last, from being ill, which is great. But... aargh!

Since reading anything longer than a few words is apparently beyond me just now, I thought I'd get this meme out of the vaults. Especially since I have a lot of new flisters since the last time I did it.

In comments, write – in one word – the one thing you want most at this moment in time. Deepest desire or momentary fad.

Anonymous commenting’s on, as ever; have fun.

I'll start:

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How late am I? So late. But I love the pairings-as-exes meme, and anyway it distracts me from the pain of job hunting.

I think Pansy/Ginny is the hot one who's too cool for me... )

Icon meme

Aug. 30th, 2011 01:39 pm
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Icon meme tiem! Before, in twelve days or so, my double package of brilliant icons is TRAGICALLY RIPPED AWAY by the ill-suited scheduling of Livejournal and the dole office.

1. Reply to this post with “CONVERSE”, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

[livejournal.com profile] nightcamedown gave me these:


And here are the icons chosen by [livejournal.com profile] marguerite_26: YET MORE ICONS )
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Aaargh. Today was going to be a writing day but I've barely squeezed out 300 words, and the stuff I was working on, I cannot currently get to :( Even the embarrassing fic which, since it is embarrassing and id-y and has no smut in it, I feel like I would write quickly. (I am having some sort of bizarre smut block.)

So I am going to do a meme! Plz entertain me, you guys. I'm in the mood for a music-related one, since I'm really enjoying [livejournal.com profile] hyperdarkchoc92 and [livejournal.com profile] kubrick_potter's 30-Day Music Memes.

Post a comment with a character or pairing and I'll tell you what song reminds me of them.

...Not all my posts can be interesting, okay? :p

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I feel like a lot of us Brits could use some distraction. I definitely could. So I'm nicking this from [livejournal.com profile] marguerite_26 - the ask me anything meme! One question each and I swear to answer. (Although I reserve the right to give you a flashy gif as answer.)

If things get too RL-related, I'll flock - I'd prefer not to be too easily recognised outside the flock - but until/unless that happens anyone can ask a question.

As ever, anon commenting is on and IP logging is off. Have fun!

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So Jay Smooth, who does this great hiphop radio show as well as awesome vlogs, did a thing called Good People Day a couple of years ago. Actually, his mate Gary Vaynerchuck did it, but it was Jay’s video I was rewatching yesterday.

And I saw the date! And I love the Good People Day idea - and even more so when it’s Jay’s Good In People Day variation - so I wanted to try it.

Good People are all around me; most notable right now are my fellow [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley organisers, everyone prompting and replying and reading over at the Ron/Draco drabble-a-thon, and my friends here in Norwich.

But the Good in People Day concept as Jay applied it was about not only celebrating obviously good people - like the Japanese workers in the Fukushima nuclear plant, who are risking and likely sacrificing their lives to save others - but recognising the goodness in everyone, and recognising how connected we all are. He celebrated the goodness in George W Bush.

You know what? Let’s try this as a meme. Give me someone - anyone, fictional or otherwise - and I will tell you the good I see in that person.

PS: No giving me Gaddafi. I don’t think it would be classy to be talking about his goodness while he murders his people.

ETA: Voldemort has been given to me twice already, so I will say it here: the good in him is that he likes his snake and feeds her delicious humans!

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Keeping it just to my fandoms (Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, White Collar, Merlin, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Misfits) rather than Everything I Have Ever Loved:

Nabbed off [livejournal.com profile] girlofavalon: List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you your tastes based on the patterns they've spotted.

Or we can just talk about how awesome these characters are :D Your choice.

Spot The Pattern )
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Nabbed this off [livejournal.com profile] ginger_veela, since I share her need for a distraction.

Pick any character from the Harry Potter, BTVS/Angel, Doctor Who/Torchwood, White Collar, or Misfits universes and I'll answer the following questions:

1) What is your opinion of this character? If you like, explain why you like him/her.

2) Is he/she important to the general plot?

3) Can you relate to this character at all? Does he/she grip you emotionally?

4) How much do you like the fandom that this character comes from?

5) Do you ship this character with any other character? Or, are you particularly intrigued by his/her relationship with any other character(s)? (romance-wise or platonic)

6) Is there anything about the character you would change?

7) If you were in the fandom with this character or knew this character in real life, how would you see yourself interacting with him/her? Would you get along well? Fall in love with him/her? Dislike? Have a friendly rivalry?

8) Does this character make the cut as one of your all time favorites (if you like) or least favorites?

9) Would you hype up this character (if you like) or warn about this character (if you dislike) to someone new to fandom?

10) Is this character popular with the fanbase?

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If a beautiful dress made of translucent black material arrives with a slip, you would not think the slip would also be translucent. It’s especially frustrating since said dress is designed to be buttoned up the front - it has this cool Victorian-blouse type front - and that would, you know, shield my modesty. Only my breasts get in the way. It still looks pretty good un-buttoned but since the slip is SEE-THROUGH my modesty remains thoroughly unshielded.

And the only other slip I have is a: at my parents’ and b: RIDICULOUSLY tiny. I mean seriously. Shortest thing I’ve ever owned, and I shop at ASOS and New Look so I own some pretty fucking high hemlines. This causes hmphing noises, since half the reason I shelled out for this dress was that it was pretty and knee-length and I could wear it to my parents’ Christmas parties.

Oh well. It is still beautiful, and if I can’t wear such a tiny-slipped article to the sort of slightly pretentious parties my parents have where I smile brightly and talk about my interest in Shakespeare, I can wear it to the sort of slightly pretentious parties my friends have where I smile drunkenly and talk about which of Shakespeare’s characters I’d most like to fuck.

Othello and Titania, fyi. I know, I know, but Othello’s hot pre-uxoricide. Would also do Hotspur and Mercutio. Angelo would get a pity fuck, poor bastard, and I’d ride Viola like a racehorse.

What about you, flist? Hey, who wants to play marry/shag/kill: Shakespeare edition?

Comment and give me three Shakespeare characters to marry/shag/kill, or ask for three of your own - or both! And we can get freaky with our geeky :D

I know, I’m sorry, I just can’t resist a stupid rhyme. I’m wincing too.

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I know this meme has done the rounds already, but I REALLY wanted to do it and I didn’t have access to ALL THE MUSIC until now. OH ITUNES, YOU’RE REALLY ANNOYING, NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN.

Step 1: Put iTunes on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line (or first and second line if it's completely impossible) from the first 15 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing. (instrumentals skipped, obvs.)
Step 3: Strike out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

ETA: I added another fifteen songs: partly through self-indulgence and partly through like ten of my first fifteen songs being relatively obscure

Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly )

Lie To Me

Feb. 9th, 2011 09:13 am
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God willing, today I will order myself a shiny new laptop! And either way, tomorrow I should regain access to the old hard drive, and therefore to the fics I was working on before.

Having Miss Godfrey’s laptop to play with and no access to my current fics has at least let me have relatively guilt-free time catching up with all of you, which has been absolute bliss. And I’ve had a fantastic time answering this meme, so I invite you to have at it:

I would like all my LJ friends to comment about how you got to know me. But I want you to LIE. That's right. Just make it up. If you'd like, copy this to your journal so others can do the same.

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Okay guys, here are my answers! The numbers and characters are behind the cut, but I’ve also edited the character’s names into your questions for ease of reference :)

The characters )

The questions and my answers )
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OMG you guys.

I went out tonight (last night?) with Miss Godfrey, her boyfriend and Mr Blond Ambition. We got extremely pissed beforehand )

Is it bad form to do a meme when you’re still working on the last one? I’m just so awake and I wanna PLAY.

Hmm. Let’s do ‘Fifteen Characters’, that’s a classic. I’ve made a list of fifteen characters – the characters are from Harry Potter, Buffy/Angel, White Collar and Doctor Who/Torchwood. You can ask any question you like about any of the numbers, singly or in combination. I will then post the list of names, questions, and their answers.


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Oh for...

I’ve been sleeping ten hours a night lately but still feeling tired during the day; I’m getting frequent headaches. The last couple of days I was having very mild dizzy spells. WHAT IS WRONG, I asked myself.

At which point I remembered:

A: I’m anaemic, and was so even when living at home with sausages and broccoli etc
B: A bit of chicken is all the meat I’ve eaten in the last two weeks
C: I also haven’t been having dark green veg or taking iron supplements



Okay, so I am going to do my usual thing when feeling depressed, and guilty about whining to you guys:


I’m going to limit this one to five people, due to the aforementioned fatigue; but once we’ve gone past five, you can still request a drabble, they’re just not guaranteed any more.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, White Collar, New Who/Torchwood, Buffy/Angel, Diana Wynne Jones. Ask me about a book fandom or Old Who if you so choose, I might be able to hook you up. Ask for pairings/threesomes/moresomes, give me a prompt, a kink, a scenario, some combination... have fun.

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I was thinking I’d skip the Review Meme, since it’s been more than two weeks since 2011 began. But it’s useful for my own records, so I’m going to be self-indulgent and do it anyway. Sorry!


2010’s wordcount: 107 300

Not bad considering my increased RL activity, but a significant downturn from 2009’s 131 200. It includes ‘real’ posts to LJ and original work as well as fanfic. Also a massive fail in that it’s 294 words a day, where my New Year’s Resolution for 2010 said 500 words a day.

Ah well; at least keeping track of this stuff, and giving myself a target, it reminds me that writing being really fun doesn’t make it a bad indulgence you should ignore in favour of your friends, and that writing being really hard doesn’t make it a chore you should ignore in favour of your friends.

Navel-gazing and links below )
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I am in the library and taking notes on Tolkien’s On Fairy Stories for my dissertation research. It begins!

Also, on the One Word Wish meme (which continues):

3 people want money
3 want employment
2 want knowledge
2 want time
1 wants focus
1 wants chocolate
1 wants understanding
1 wants romance
1 wants a lover
1 wants FREEEEEDOOMM!!!!!!!!
1 wants Arabic (class)
1 wants brain
1 wants ambition
1 wants cunnilingus
1 wants holidays


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Okay, so I’m feeling very out-of-touch. Entirely my own fault, and a situation I hope to rectify over the next fortnight; but still. A meme where you guys tell me things seems just the ticket!

So. In comments, write – in one word – the one thing you want most at this moment in time. Deepest desire or momentary fad.

Anonymous commenting’s on, as ever; have fun.


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I was momentarily distracted from this meme by my Christmas list of books (every year I issue this list to my mother, to be disseminated among my relatives. I WANT THE NEW BARTIMAEUS GIVE IT TO ME NOW!) And consequently I am all high on joy and excitement and booklove. Although a little bit sad about how expensive non-fiction and poetry books are – I feel I can’t request half the books I want, even though for some reason my UNIVERSITY LIBRARY does not possess The Power of Myth what is even wrong with you Joseph Campbell might be flawed but he’s seminal you fuckwads.

So, although many of you will have guessed –

Ten days of squealing and judging and commenting and SURPRISING AMOUNTS OF EXCITEMENT have come to a close, and you guys rock for getting so into this!

(Lots of images under the cut)

The winner, champion, and hottest of the Disney hotties is )
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Deepest apologies, darlings; I am currently buried under essay writing. (One’s called The Merlin Conspiracy and the idea seemed so cool and it still is but Gooood there is no secondary research into what I’m looking at so I have to sift through mountains of academia searching for vaguely-relevant points and OW my head hurts. Also writing critically – in the sense of negatively – about Diana Wynne Jones, even by implication, hurts my soul.)



Obviously I’ve already posted the most famous Mulan song when Shang got voted out. I thought about posting Reflection, which is terribly pretty, or A Girl Worth Fighting For because soldier!Mulan trying to navigate the boys’ club is adorable. But this scene has such a wonderful score and Mulan really shows the best parts of her character and also GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS, EVERY SHOT IS GORGEOUS, OMG MULAN’S TRANSFORMATION I LOVE IT SO. Check out Mulan’s Decision:

1. I have picked 10 celebrities Disney characters (five guys and five girls) that I find attractive.
2. Every day, I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the celebrity you find the LEAST attractive (not so much who you don't like personally, but who you do not find hot)
3. After about 24 hours, the poll will be closed and the individual with the most votes will be disqualified. Then there will then be a new poll with the remaining contestants
4. After ten days, there will be one winner!

the happy couple )

Here’s the poll:

[Poll #1654927]
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Tiana has been voted off rather heavily, poor love. But she’ll be fine, she has a whole song about self-sufficiency!

We’re down to three, people. 0.0 NO IDEA who I’ll pick now... Also I’ve added a bonus picture each, for help making decisions and because I am self-indulgent.

1. I have picked 10 celebrities Disney characters (five guys and five girls) that I find attractive.
2. Every day, I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the celebrity you find the LEAST attractive (not so much who you don't like personally, but who you do not find hot)
3. After about 24 hours, the poll will be closed and the individual with the most votes will be disqualified. Then there will then be a new poll with the remaining contestants
4. After ten days, there will be one winner!

The final three )

And the poll:

[Poll #1654192]


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