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Funny how fast things can change! My last post was all sadface, and now two different brilliant things have happened for me in fandom.

Well, the second especially isn’t ‘for me’ as such. But it makes me so happy that it feels like it is.

The first is a super-gorgeous Snaco commission for me, by [livejournal.com profile] ships_harry. I don’t want to do a big gushing rec before she’s posted it, because it seems unfair on the Snaco-loving portions of my flist and not a very useful sort of rec. But :DDDDDDDD

The second, is that the brilliant [livejournal.com profile] bleedforyou1 did a wonderful podfic of my fic Honey. Honey was my first one-shot, and for all its incredible fluffiness and its flaws I remember it fondly :D And having someone else take it up and do something cool and creative with it is lovely.

Bleedy did such a fantastic job, too! Her voice is all smooth and lovely to listen to, and she puts emotion into the dialogue without ever over-acting, and her Draco voice especially made me laugh. It is seriously so good.

AND she commissioned [livejournal.com profile] quimvaa to do cover-art for the podfic! I have mad love for [livejournal.com profile] quimvaa’s art, it’s so dynamic and brilliant and so very much *Harry* and *Draco*. So seeing an illustration of a moment in Honey by her just makes me so happy :)

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Lots of other stuff, good and bad, is happening - I had an interview on Tuesday for a 21-hour-a-week job and it went well, the rioting is continuing and people are too busy "confronting and defeating" to acknowledge we can look at the root causes as well, and my stomach has hurt massively from tension for two days.

But right now I am just aglow with that first part. I GOT IN TO [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays!!!


Aug. 4th, 2011 03:29 pm
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In the wake of Diacon, lots of people (well, lots of people who came) are getting re-enthused about HP fandom. Which is great! It includes me in a lot of ways. However, I’ve still not been reading loads of HP fic, or writing it for that matter.

This is partly because water got on my laptop :( This was 48 hours ago! I thought it would be dry by now! But since there were no scary noises and it was just water, the internet and a former computer-shop-owning relative assure me that in time my beloved laptop will recover. For now, I’m stuck using the family computer. This is a desktop with an extremely unreliable internet connection. Worse, it’s in the dining room, where we spend lots of time, and the screen faces the room.

For the love of God, people. Come on.

Anyway! The big reason for my failure to jump headfirst back into HP, despite being unemployed and so technically having time?

I have been getting into Thor fandom.

You guys, it’s making me so happy.You guys, it’s making me so happy. )
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I am at long last able to do things like comment and add people. Which is blissful. I am adding Diacon people and shamelessly stalking their Diacon posts.

Which so far has been a blissful experience. Everyone seems to have had a blast :D

This is still not my, er, ‘official’ Diacon post. It is very long though. Cut for a happy teal deer. Which sounds like a drugs euphemism )

So yes, Victory Ball? Best ever. And [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico captured it on tape:

*squishes Ku* I’m so grateful you made it for us. (And with such super-speed, too!) It’s a gorgeous vid and captures the atmosphere so well, and I’m just so happy to have it for posterity.

Also, my mum thinks it’s lovely.
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LJ has been totally failing for me all week :( It could’ve been worse, though; although it was v frustrating trying to post at crack_broom, and to comment on people’s posts, I’ve felt very quiet this week.

I will (one day!) be posting about Diacon, but for now I just want to say: Harry, I love you dearly. For all you’re not one of my favourite characters in the ‘verse, you’re at the centre of it. I really enjoyed toasting to you at Diacon’s Victory Ball, and celebrating your victory over evil. I hope you’ve enjoyed your thirty-first birthday.

And that you didn’t find that panel I did on making you have sex with everyone else too violating ;)

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Just getting on the internet for the first time over here, super-quickly, for a brief note to say I had a BRILLIANT time at the Victory Ball tonight. It was amazing and I had so much fun and YAY!! Thank you to everyone, especially the rest of the committee and the great volunteers ♥


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So [livejournal.com profile] cugami already posted this over at [livejournal.com profile] ron_draco, but I feel the need to have it commemorated on my LJ for all time.

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Interviewer: If you could have played anyone else who would you have played?
Tom: Hermione and Hagrid. Other than that, I just can’t see myself play anyone else.
Interviewer: -laughing- Hermione? Why Hermione?
Tom: Well I just thought I’d be a brilliant Hermione. I mean, I thought Emma was great but I think I would’ve brought something deeper. No I’m just kidding.
Interviewer: But you would’ve had to kiss Ron Weasley at the end.
Tom: Well that’s the reason I would want to! Rupert’s a dashing lad and I’ve been trying to get on him for years but no go.

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Guess what, kids? MY DISSERTATION IS IN!

As is my final essay.

I am FINISHED. Degree is over. (Noooo don’t make me leave!)

Whoa. Headrush.

No, I do not know what I’m doing now, thanks for asking - well, except for catching up on everything I’ve spent a month neglecting. Most especially [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley, because that is going to be fucking awesome and I need to help make it more so.

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For the first time since I got my LJ - five years, almost - my default icon does not have Doctor Who’s trainers on it. This is taking a significant amount of getting used to. However, my new default is beautiful and I love the font and the dawn and the cityspace, because I am City Girl For Life. Thank you again [livejournal.com profile] talekayler :D

Speaking of BEAUTIFUL THINGS PEOPLE HAVE CREATED FOR ME... I commissioned [livejournal.com profile] sugareey for some H/D art. My prompt was extremely flaily and all over the place, but it mentioned a fic I hope ONE DAY to finish, with Auror!Harry and trainee!Draco. And the result was a really fantastic bit of kissing!art.

Auror Lessons by sugareey )*beams smugly at the world*

RL’s ticking along; last night I sneaked into the campus science block, stayed there til it was locked, and filmed a zombie film with five friends. )

I have a lot to do: I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] getshitdone, for help powering through on my dissertation and final essays, and the deadlines are coming. It’s rather scary, and I will likely not be about much for the next ten days. I won’t be disappearing entirely, though, because for April I am doing Snape/Draco recs over at [livejournal.com profile] crack_broom!

I have spent two days making myself a lovely shiny list of the fics and art I want to rec and having a genre and author/artist balance, while also, you know, saying THESE ARE MY FAVOURITES EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE THEM AS I DO. I am excited :D
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I am feeling Christmassy! I bought the last gift for my housemate today – we’re having Christmas on Thursday (before two of us go home on the Friday) and I am SO EXCITED for the three of them to see the gifts. Socks with teacups and gorgeous black stilettos and dresses and earrings and a hairband! OPEN THEM I WANT YOU TO LOOK REALLY HAPPY WHILE I FEEL SMUG.

You know why else I’m feeling Christmassy? No, not because I’ve been reading [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays fic, tragically. (I am so sorry, darlings. Some day soon there will be time to catch up with you all!) But because I’ve started getting adorable Christmas cards!

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] dirty_darella, and to [livejournal.com profile] rons_pigwidgeon for the delicious bonus Ron/Draco smut! My ‘present’ LJ gifts from [livejournal.com profile] babydracky and [livejournal.com profile] thepretender501 were much appreciated too. Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] nenne, I was really pleased to get the fruit-basket LJ-gift when I started posting again and I’m not sure I ever thanked you – so thanks! :)

Other sources of seasonal joy? Our house is deliciously tacky and shiny, I have eaten way more Lindt than is good for me, and [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico has done Diacon Alley an adorable Christmas banner.


I am quietly getting ever more excited about [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley. There are such incredibly cool plans in place for our celebration of Harry’s victory. Post-war chic = ftw!

I have various panel ideas, too, but that’s another post.

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I've had a tiring week, and I've been missing you all lately - there's not been time to read my flist at all. :( So I thought it'd be nice to do a Happy Things meme, nicked off one of the most adorable and sweet people I know, [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico.

I'll leave myself 100 comments, each with a separate Thing That Makes Me Happy. Then you can reply to said Things to your heart's content!

ETA: Hmm. I suppose in a sense this is my (T)thanksgiving post.

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Right, first off: [livejournal.com profile] chimera_fancies is having a massive Christmas sale of her pendants on Friday. Her stuff is unfailingly gorgeous – wearable fairy-tales! Go for it, says I: the sale starts at 12 noon PST. (Eight pm, for fellow Brits.)

I am painfully aware of how quiet I’ve been recently! It’s partly writer’s block, I must admit. I haven’t written regularly since I got back to uni in September, despite generally being a proponent of Write Something Every Day. At first it was simply impossible to find time; and even these last few weeks, when I’ve been able to make time for writing, I’ve just been blocked. It’s really horrible. Getting out of the habit of writing seems to have killed my muse with all the efficiency of a rock to the head.

(It’s also pretty annoying that I can generally write a hundred words or so before the block kicks in. So I open a document! I try! I feel like this could be the start of something! And then no.)

BUT. Emo is not the purpose of this post! Because I have been doin’ stuff! A lot of it seems to have gone from my head right now, but I have!

I’ve done really cool stuff! )

You know what else we did? We had a committee meeting about [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley. Which was a little scary – I mean, the committee is made up of clever, competent people (well, I am only one of those things, but everyone else is very competent!) but it’s still unnerving to realise OH WE HAVE TO DO ALL THESE THINGS. But it was also HUGELY exciting. We talked about programming, and the Victory Ball, and how our theme of the-war-is-over! is going to play out over the course of the con. And it all just filled me with incredible squee. SUCH COOL STUFF IS GOING TO HAPPEN, YOU GUYS. INSANELY COOL STUFF.


Another cut for talk of this weekend and shiny London )

Now I am going to go and read Fall of the House of Usher, because the downside of taking Gothic Lit is that sometimes you have to read American Gothic. Urgh.

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*yawns* I am terribly bleary right now from packing, but I wish to post! I am terribly behind on any number of fandom things and only likely to get more so. (Although the fact that – as you may have noticed – I spent much of today and yesterday catching up on the flist has been fun and helped that situation.) Here is what’s going on with me fandom-wise:

Winning, losing, reccing and inadvisable bidding )

Just in case I don’t get a chance to post again – I’m heading back up to Norwich tonight! I have yet to finish packing! I must also tidy my room, rec an awesome creature!fic, send a variety of important letters, call Virgin to ask why the student house still has no internet and I will be TORN FROM YOUR BOSOM so soon!


Stupid growing up and vague responsibility. I never voted for it! *shakes fist*

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So you know how I was all pleased because my RL deadlines were over with and I could spend the weekend writing? Yeah... that didn’t happen. A new RL deadline for this Thursday has sprung up. It wouldn’t be very arduous, except for one thing which is going to make it incredibly hard: I’m spending Monday to Wednesday in Amsterdam.

HUZZAH, right? )

[livejournal.com profile] sugareey is awesome. You know how I know this? Because I commissioned her and got some FANTASTIC art! I asked her for Snape and Draco from either DH or HBP. You can actually interpret it as either one – Snape’s lecturing Draco, and you can see his desperation – OMG that mouth, nearly a snarl – and Draco just looks trapped and miserable and SO PRETTY. *fondles his hair* Also EYELASHES. Draco’s pout v Snape’s mouth says so much.

I ♥ commissioning art, you guys. *cuddles the lovely art* Especially art like this. I love the Snape/Draco relationship, especially because stuff like this – where I interpret it as entirely platonic – is still angsty and powerful and awesome.

cut for Time To Go by sugareey )

So: here a link to where [livejournal.com profile] sugareey posted her art for me so you can leave her glowing feedback. I’ll be back Thursday night at the earliest. Have fun and don’t break the internet!

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First things first: Middle Sister, like the rest, got her A-Level results on yesterday. (For non-Brits: A-Levels are what you take after GCSEs if you so choose. After A Levels (sixteen-to-eighteen) comes university, if you want and you can.) She did fantastically well: two A*s and a B. She was, astonishingly, pretty depressed. Poor love got the B for Art, which is her favourite subject, having been told she’d get a A by her teacher. This same teacher lost her coursework so we hate him.

But on the whole: HUZZAH! She’s off to study art history at Leeds in September. Lucky girl. I’m having epic and continuing angst about what to do after I leave uni and everyone I know is heartily sick of hearing about it. :)

On to promo: my fic Tangible Benefits got through the first round at Smutastic!! I am SHOCKED but pleased. If you so choose, the link to vote is here -- voting is done via screened comments. (Best femmeslash!! *squees to herself*)

I’ve not been able to write at all this week due to horrible icky RL. *pouts at it* Now I am throwing myself JOYFULLY into the writing of stuff and it’s awesome. Oh text, never leave me again!

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Proposition 8 was ruled unconstitutional and overturned. *pauses for cheering*

It's a baby step but it will make thousands of people happier and makes millions freer, so I think it deserves a party.

Here's my idea: proposal/marriage/honeymoon/bigot-defeating comment!fic. Any pairing, any rating, any fandom. :) I am extremely tired because it is after 2am here in the good old You Kay, but I will do my best! And there is no time limit on a good party.

Leave prompts for others in the comments if you so choose! Just leave comments of SQUEE! I know you'll be excited by this news too.

A few prompts thrown out to get you started (though writing to prompts isn't necessary): )
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I’m off to Norwich Pride this weekend! I’m really looking forward to it. The march will be short, sadly – it’s had to be cut because we need a police presence due to rather unpleasant letters from Christian protestors, and there are only so many bobbies free on a Saturday to keep an eye on us! But there’s gonna be a picnic, and lectures, and PARTYING ALL NIGHT in the evening. :DDDD I’m especially looking forward to it because even though quite a few of my friends won’t be able to make it, some will. I haven’t seen most of them in a month and I miss them all madly. I’m going to have to try hard at the picnic to actually talk to everybody and be welcoming and social, instead of sitting with my very bestest friends having a cuddle.

The TV has been cutting out a lot, apparently – I don’t watch it much – and the parentals decided to replace it. This all made sense to me. Only they’ve replaced it with a FUCKING MASSIVE flatscreen. I am completely weirded out by this rather uncharacteristic decision, and when I went to check it out I just sort of looked at the screen and thought it was weird seeing such big faces.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it, it’s just odd. Previous to this we had a rather elderly telly with a screen about a third bigger than my laptop’s screen. And frankly, I tend to judge people with enormous flatscreens for their conspicuous consumption. :S Less so these days, because more people have them, but still.

Back to the happiness: [profile] dracoawards has opened voting on its Harry/Draco nominations! Cut for babble about the Draco Awards and my nominations!! )
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Seconding opened at the Smutastic Awards last Thursday. The mods there are running a little competition to get seconding going: basically seconding, pimping, and especially pimping with banners gets you points. If you get the most points, you can either write a drabble and have it posted at the comm so the world will see how awesome you are, or prompt a mod and get awesome hotness written for you. Everybody wins! Except the people who lose.

cut for a sexy, shirtless, kissing-men banner )

Only the top five stories from each category make it to the final voting round, so please go and second stories! You can second as many stories as you like from each category. So if you are a Hufflepuff – or just impressed with the awesomeness of the fic – GO CRAZY! Second everything! Including, preferably:

Walk All Over You in the Best Oneshot category.

Worthy in the Best PWP category.

Tangible Benefits in the Best Femmeslash category.

You’ll make me so happy. :)

Of course, I am already a happy bunny! Because on Monday I saw lots of lovely fandom people and [personal profile] lizardspots drew a nekkid Neal Caffrey in my notebook before the page was stolen by a DASTARDLY PIRATE. Luckily the Dastardly Pirate also brought amazing and enormous cupcakes and bought a round of drinks. We love her.

And we saw Potted Panto, which was done by the Potted Potter guys and therefore hilarious. The look on Dan’s face when he saw us all sitting in a row... ahahaha. WE WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE POTTED EARTH!

And then today I hung out and had a massive lunch with the hilarious [profile] lilith1631. *smiles at the world* Tomorrow I go out in search of a job. Again. Wish me luck!

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So, yesterday I imported almost everything to Dreamwidth. And now old entries and comments and everything are safe! Huzzah! On the downside, because I don’t actually like mirror-posting as such, I have doubled entries for as long as I’ve been using Dreamwidth. *sighs* A lot of deleting and changing the links in fic comms is in my future. But damnit broken links are the Scourge of the Internet (aside from cat macros) and I will do everything in my power to fight them!

Incidentally, I’m a mod at [profile] rondracodrabble now. I don’t think I ever mentioned that.

And I am doing my duty to the ship by nomming at the Draco Awards. Seriously, Ron/Draco flisters, please go nominate stuff here. Because I am totally going back later to nom more stuff, probably involving a lot of fic by personal friends. You should FIGHT ME.

And speaking of awards... I got nominated at the Smutastic Awards. Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! I wasn’t even expecting once! You guys! Hurray! Forever! *does a dance*


Walk All Over You was nominated for Best Oneshot.
Worthy was nominated for Best PWP.
Tangible Benefits was nominated for Best Femmeslash.

I shall link to the Seconding Post when it goes up. :) YAY!

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So, this weekend I was at Crucio, the Potter fan meet-up in Edinburgh! It was FANTASTIC.

NB: if you're here from the comm, I'm the one with dyed black hair in a short skirt who laughs really loudly.

Getting there was a bitch – there was a signal failure at Stevenage, a station which almost every cross-country train from King’s Cross passes through. We arrived in Edinburgh three and a half hours late. It was still only about six-thirty so we could eat and hang out and everything, but still. LAME, and it meant that [personal profile] son_of_darkness, [profile] dora_the_nymph and I had to sleep in a dorm with seven other people instead of getting a three-person room at our youth hostel.

The youth hostel was super-cheap and had murals involving a dragon groping a pink-haired girl, though, so I forgive its ELEVENTY-BILLION STAIRS and snoring roommates.

cut for stuff )


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