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So, I know it’s already ALL OVER YOUR FLIST but… I am commenting all over it and it FILLS ME WITH LOVE. You GUYS!

I’m on there. ♥ I am getting all emotional about it, too. *sniffles*

I actually emailed myself the link to my thread, so that if I’m having a really terrible day, the link will be RIGHT THERE to make everything better.

Right, now to spend another hour over there…

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I am feeling Christmassy! I bought the last gift for my housemate today – we’re having Christmas on Thursday (before two of us go home on the Friday) and I am SO EXCITED for the three of them to see the gifts. Socks with teacups and gorgeous black stilettos and dresses and earrings and a hairband! OPEN THEM I WANT YOU TO LOOK REALLY HAPPY WHILE I FEEL SMUG.

You know why else I’m feeling Christmassy? No, not because I’ve been reading [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays fic, tragically. (I am so sorry, darlings. Some day soon there will be time to catch up with you all!) But because I’ve started getting adorable Christmas cards!

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] dirty_darella, and to [livejournal.com profile] rons_pigwidgeon for the delicious bonus Ron/Draco smut! My ‘present’ LJ gifts from [livejournal.com profile] babydracky and [livejournal.com profile] thepretender501 were much appreciated too. Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] nenne, I was really pleased to get the fruit-basket LJ-gift when I started posting again and I’m not sure I ever thanked you – so thanks! :)

Other sources of seasonal joy? Our house is deliciously tacky and shiny, I have eaten way more Lindt than is good for me, and [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico has done Diacon Alley an adorable Christmas banner.


I am quietly getting ever more excited about [livejournal.com profile] diacon_alley. There are such incredibly cool plans in place for our celebration of Harry’s victory. Post-war chic = ftw!

I have various panel ideas, too, but that’s another post.

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The YAY GAY MARRIAGE comment!party is going very strong! Do check it out – there’s a loltastic drawble from [profile] shipsharry and funny drabbles from [personal profile] dysonrules and [profile] mabonwitch. There are completely adorable drabbles by [profile] drippingcherry and [personal profile] lolafalola, and [personal profile] nuclearsugars posted an extract from her AS/S WIP, which has them living in San Francisco. Bit of Snape/Draco fluff from me.

*smooches you all* Thanks so much, guys!

Also there are pictures of chocolate penises and ladybits. Because Sugars is awesome, that’s why.

Only four hours left to vote at the H/D LDWS! Stand and be counted, guys – there’s some really fantastic work over there. (And omg 80 voters so far. That is many.) I wonder if mine is really obvious... I suspect it is. :)

In other news, writing a new belated birthday fic for [profile] drippingcherry after I realised fourteen-year-old Draco getting fucked is not to everyone’s tastes. Oh, Viktor Krum, you cad, you.

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First: happy belated birthday, [profile] drippingcherry! I hope the day was awesome and shiny and filled with delicious things.

Another belated birthday wish goes to Harry Potter, of course. I’m sad I was away from the internet for the illustrious event of Harry’s thirtieth birthday! At least I got to spend some time catching up on the amazing drabbles written for [personal profile] hd_birthdaybash’s drabble-a-thon, and there’s still Hangover Week.

And the weekend was awesome. Pride was lovely and I have a new, massive rainbow flag for the new house. Not sure what we’re gonna call it... Miss Godfrey’s House of Queers made sense for the last place, since the house was made up of Miss Godfrey, a gay bloke and two bisexual girls. Now it’s two bisexual girls, Miss Godfrey and a new straight girl. And the new girl (Pepper) doesn’t even write, which is unfortunate re: naming... maybe Pepper’s House of Words. We’re all English students, after all.

The weekend and weird sex )

Two recs

Jul. 14th, 2010 12:08 am
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Do you enjoy Draco getting fucked by Death Eaters? You don’t? Wow, you put up with a lot being on my flist, huh.

For those who do, I have two recs:

The marvellous [profile] drippingcherry has indeed turned my ickle Barty Jr/Draco Crucio drabble into a short, awesomely porny fic: Twisted. It’s AU – Barty survived, and this is immediately post-OoTP. It’s written from Barty’s perspective – second person, which just emphasises the disassociated crazycakes that is Barty Crouch Jr. Very easy to read and the build-up is fantastic. And the sex! So hot. And makes fantastic use of the Cruciatus curse. Seriously, it is so twisted and awesome.

And [profile] reikokatsura drew me incredibly cute Snaco art. Draco’s naked and collared in an equally naked Snape’s lap and yet it’s adorable. Blushing, lanky Draco folded awkward onto Snape’s lap, holding onto him, while Snape keeps a proprietary hand on Draco’s thigh. And glares at the Harry who’s just discovered them :DDD

*beams at her flist* I love it when we make Draco cry!

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The ever-lolarious [livejournal.com profile] creatore_magico and [livejournal.com profile] son_of_darkness have FINALLY DONE what they’ve been planning for ages: they’ve set up a Youtube account for Harry and Ron! They have lots of hilarious plans so you should totally subscribe... Hermione and Draco will both be around.

The first video is here, and you should NOT BE DRINKING ANYTHING WHILE YOU WATCH IT. (Especially around 2:20). Because if you do, you will be DED OF LOL.

Harry and Ron make sexy faces! Ron does a pointy-fingers boyband move! Harry broods and makes an ANGST FACE! There is a SURPRISE DRACO! Ron cries then FALLS OVER IN SLOW MOTION! It is all set to the Backstreet Boys!

I don’t want to overstate the case, but I firmly believe YOUR LIFE IS BUT A HOLLOW SHELL if you have not seen this video.


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Okay, so first: I am still fucked off with Uruguay. They CHEATED, they fucking CHEATED, and they got away with it! More than that, because of it they went to the semi-final instead of Ghana. My dad specialises in Ghanaian history and taught there for years, I’ve been there, we have lots of Ghanaian friends. I really wanted them to be the ones to make history: to be the first African team to make the World Cup semi-finals.

Which may well still happen. (Or it might be Nigeria, my father’s birthplace.) But this would’ve been such a perfect year for it. The South African World Cup, instead, was another tournament without Africans reaching the semi-finals. :( When I’m rich and famous I’m going to sponsor Ghana, because they are an awesome team with no funds. (Also my dad will be happy. He’s ever so pleased at the shock Spain win, it’s really funny. He’s on the phone right now to a German colleague basically going ner-ner-ner-ner. And of course Andre is going SOD OFF, 4-1!)

Cut for saving baby birds and RL )

Other things are making me happy; the drabble meme is one of them, even if I am having lolarious fail at the whole ‘drabble’ concept. Also, rereading my amazing Crucio ficlet by [profile] drippingcherry. Seriously, you guys, check it out; it is the hottest thing ever. It’s an AU drabble where Barty Jr survived, and it’s in his super-twisted voice. He knows Draco’s got a crush on him, and he’s full of this combined pity and contempt for Draco’s innocence and his ignorance of real evil. He’s gonna FUCK DRACO UP and it’s really hot.


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So, this weekend I was at Crucio, the Potter fan meet-up in Edinburgh! It was FANTASTIC.

NB: if you're here from the comm, I'm the one with dyed black hair in a short skirt who laughs really loudly.

Getting there was a bitch – there was a signal failure at Stevenage, a station which almost every cross-country train from King’s Cross passes through. We arrived in Edinburgh three and a half hours late. It was still only about six-thirty so we could eat and hang out and everything, but still. LAME, and it meant that [personal profile] son_of_darkness, [profile] dora_the_nymph and I had to sleep in a dorm with seven other people instead of getting a three-person room at our youth hostel.

The youth hostel was super-cheap and had murals involving a dragon groping a pink-haired girl, though, so I forgive its ELEVENTY-BILLION STAIRS and snoring roommates.

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Dear Ron/Draco fans,

Do you ever wish two very pretty boys would dress up as Ron and Draco and act out a kinky scenario in the middle of London? Do you furthermore wish they would take pictures and put them on the internet and dedicate them to you with the words “enjoy”?

Not everybody is that lucky, but I totally am.


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I had a very busy weekend, and will have a busier week (OMG, cannot read Dombey and Son and campaign for gender-neutral loos at the same time!) but I wanted to post quickly about some awesome stuff. Firstly, I got milk and biscuits from [personal profile] nuclearsugars, [profile] drippingcherry and [personal profile] faithwood! Thank you very much, ladies! It was a lovely cuddly thing to come back to last night.

Also. I commissioned [profile] creatore_magico to draw me chibi-art – dom!Ron with a collared Draco on a leash looking sulky. And he has delivered OUTSTANDINGLY. It is the most ADORABLE yet hot thing in the entire world. They are in their Hogwarts uniforms. Draco is on the FLOOR.

It just kills me with how cute it is, and hot too! I love Draco’s pouty, downturned mouth and how he’s glaring up at Ron! I totally think Ron just dragged him to the floor using the leash. :D And Ron’s just grinning away, all pleased with himself. I’m in love with that grin. He’s so SMUG and HAPPY cos Draco is all his now. And the untucked shirt!!!

I love Ku’s art, and this pic has all the reasons why: the adorable chibis with awesome proportions, the glowing colours – Ron’s hair! – and loads of little details that make me grin like a mad thing.

I’ve wanted art like this for AGES, and it’s even better than I hoped!

*happily imagines Ron making Draco crawl behind him*

Bedtime, I think. ;)

PS: [profile] creatore_magico is still taking commissions, I think.

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I am very stressed just now – WHY SO MANY IMPORTANT THINGS AT ONCE, UNIVERSE? – and I have to go out again tonight. Which will be very fun, I’m sure, and it’s a friend’s birthday. I just yearn for space to get stuff done. Also, the stress is giving me a bit of writer’s block.

And yet, this morning I am very happy. Why? Well, [personal profile] woldy gave me balloons! Just because! And [personal profile] bewarethesmirk and [personal profile] girlofavalon made Happy Birthday posts for me! And also, this week I won at [profile] sortinghatdrabs! HUZZAH!

cut for the shiny banner )

Title: Luna Triumphant
Word count: ~200
Characters/pairings: Dean/Luna
Rating: PG
Summary: Dean’s first exhibition takes place at Malfoy Manor.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: The boys belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: I KILL THIS WORD LIMIT WITH MY BRAIN. Also, ‘RP’ = Received Pronunciation. The pairing was Dean/Luna, and the prompt was art is life, and life is transformation – Antoni Tapies

Luna Triumphant )
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*happy sigh* Last night was the end of the birthday-long-weekend of Miss Godfrey and I. The last few days have been thoroughly awesome; lots of friends, good food, dancing, alcohol and calling people llama-faces. (Also, picking up a boy when my hair was frizzed, my lipstick gone and I was wearing a toga. I love it when the unfairness of who gets kisses works in my favour.) And naturally the good people of the internet have also cast their bounty upon me.

[personal profile] melusinahp gifted me with roses – they’re really surprisingly beautiful for a vgift, deep red and detailed and lovely. And [personal profile] nursedarry gave me a chocolate cupcake. NOM NOM NOM. *munches* Thank you, ladies, and thank you [personal profile] teganscrush for the balloons! I have all I could need for a good day: flowers, chocolates and decorations.

And good stuff to read. :) Recs and links to the booty - er - bounty )
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Hey you lot, guess what?

My fic Tangible Benefits has been nominated in the Stroke My Crookshanks category – Best Femmeslash. This was my first proper femmeslash, having written a couple of drabbles previously. I’m pleased as punch to be up there with some seriously excellent writers, including [personal profile] woldy and [personal profile] snowpuppies, both of whom are personal favourites. I’m going to be using the nominations as a rec list, too.

It’s great to see so many of my flist on the nominations list, proving once again what a talented bunch you are. (Although whoever nominated [personal profile] woldy before I could get there, I am petulantly annoyed by it. And, of course, pleased too.) I went a little crazy nomming fics and icons a couple of days before the deadline, and I’m crossing my fingers that one of my nominations and/or one of my flist wins a category. It’d be entirely deserved.

I like shortening ‘nominationed’ to ‘nommed’. Mmm, delicious Christmas Fairy and Slayers dancing. Nom nom nom.

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I was going to resist this, but then I thought: why? I love gushing to my friends. I’m aware that I am... more exuberant, shall we say, than some, but I don’t actually think love memes are simply self-indulgent.

And I’m curious about what will get mentioned, and if my predictions will be right. Shame that the people who friended me after I wrote, for instance, the Angel/Spike smut probably filtered me long ago!


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Back from Norwich! And now I shall tell you all about Azkatraz instead of the shared ridiculousness that is me and my flatmates.

Okay! So I shared with [personal profile] lavillanueva, [personal profile] bewarethesmirk and [personal profile] tray_la_la. Which was ridiculously awesome. Smirk dresses a lot like me, and EXACTLY like me a few years ago, which was cool but weird. Tray is extremely beautiful and clever and funny. But then you are all very gorgeous, I feel cheated: the internet promised me its denizens were all ugly old men! And Lav is all cool and classic-dresses-wearing and I CAN’T BELIEVE I ACTUALLY MET HER IN PERSON AT LONG BLOODY LAST.

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YOU GUYS! *grabs you all and snogs, licks, and gropes you all into submission, orgasm, and restraining orders*

I MISSED you. )
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$50 250 for marriage equality!

Oh, and guys?

Find out a very cool thing! See my teal deer of squee! )


Aug. 3rd, 2008 04:44 am
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I am very much a cat person, and my boys are both shelter kitties. (They were born in a bin! *cuddles her cats*)

If any of you guys are feeling in need of a feline companion, check out [personal profile] burningchaos' post. She's got some cats in need of new homes. Some have been abused. All are adorable and in need of a good home!

According to [personal profile] cyn_ful, [profile] burning_chaos has basically been a shelter for these cats. She has 20+ of them, and she's having to move into a flat now, so they just won't fit. Go check it out! Or, you know, look at the pretty kitties.

[personal profile] enchanted_jae? Feeling in need of yet another kitty?

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Guys? The auction is up to $47 811. They're doing a 'last chance salon' to help us make it $50 000. How amazing would that be? The power of fandom raising half a million dollars for charity!

I'm offering three 2000-word minimum fics, for $10 each. Anyone want one? Hell, buy more than one if you'd like! Smut, comedy, darkfic, smut, fluff, smut!

Leave a comment here if you'd like one.

[personal profile] lavillanueva, don't yell, OK? Deadlines are as nothing before the awesomeness that is this!

ETA: all three are SOLD!

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I'm in a much better mood now, having got two exams out of six out of the way with no major disasters. Thank you for the love, guys! And guess what? Meme time! All my resolutions to write proper one-shots instead of endless drabbles are as dust! But hey, I got [personal profile] iwantasoda to write me Harry/Draco smut this way. You can too!

I will write a drabble for the first ten commenters to request one (100 words exactly.) In return, they have to post this in their journal (Only if you want-- Lurkers are welcome!) You may request the character and/or the pair for the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Buffy/Angel, Doctor Who/Torchwood. And for the more esoteric members of the flist: I've never written Frances Hodgson Burnett or Diana Wynne Jones fic. Make me write Christopher/Conrad!

You are all allowed to make me write weird pairings or threesomes etc if you like, but if you do and then post this memes yourselves, I will punish you.

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