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So, I won't be writing for [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays after all. The mods rescinded my assignment because I've bailed on too many fests. Which is totally fair and my own fault, so I'm not annoyed at all. But of course this being my own fault seems to make it worse rather than better.

My lip is so unstiff. I fail at English )

PS: apologies for the emo. But I thought I really had to post considering I already told you all I was doing hols! And I am too headachey and emo for the dignified approach.

Soon I will feel better: using Thor!angst as my icon is a calculated decision, because Chris Hemsworth's face just makes me want to smile.
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Lots of other stuff, good and bad, is happening - I had an interview on Tuesday for a 21-hour-a-week job and it went well, the rioting is continuing and people are too busy "confronting and defeating" to acknowledge we can look at the root causes as well, and my stomach has hurt massively from tension for two days.

But right now I am just aglow with that first part. I GOT IN TO [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays!!!
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*yawns* I am terribly bleary right now from packing, but I wish to post! I am terribly behind on any number of fandom things and only likely to get more so. (Although the fact that – as you may have noticed – I spent much of today and yesterday catching up on the flist has been fun and helped that situation.) Here is what’s going on with me fandom-wise:

Winning, losing, reccing and inadvisable bidding )

Just in case I don’t get a chance to post again – I’m heading back up to Norwich tonight! I have yet to finish packing! I must also tidy my room, rec an awesome creature!fic, send a variety of important letters, call Virgin to ask why the student house still has no internet and I will be TORN FROM YOUR BOSOM so soon!


Stupid growing up and vague responsibility. I never voted for it! *shakes fist*

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So you know how I was all pleased because my RL deadlines were over with and I could spend the weekend writing? Yeah... that didn’t happen. A new RL deadline for this Thursday has sprung up. It wouldn’t be very arduous, except for one thing which is going to make it incredibly hard: I’m spending Monday to Wednesday in Amsterdam.

HUZZAH, right? )

[livejournal.com profile] sugareey is awesome. You know how I know this? Because I commissioned her and got some FANTASTIC art! I asked her for Snape and Draco from either DH or HBP. You can actually interpret it as either one – Snape’s lecturing Draco, and you can see his desperation – OMG that mouth, nearly a snarl – and Draco just looks trapped and miserable and SO PRETTY. *fondles his hair* Also EYELASHES. Draco’s pout v Snape’s mouth says so much.

I ♥ commissioning art, you guys. *cuddles the lovely art* Especially art like this. I love the Snape/Draco relationship, especially because stuff like this – where I interpret it as entirely platonic – is still angsty and powerful and awesome.

cut for Time To Go by sugareey )

So: here a link to where [livejournal.com profile] sugareey posted her art for me so you can leave her glowing feedback. I’ll be back Thursday night at the earliest. Have fun and don’t break the internet!

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So, yesterday I imported almost everything to Dreamwidth. And now old entries and comments and everything are safe! Huzzah! On the downside, because I don’t actually like mirror-posting as such, I have doubled entries for as long as I’ve been using Dreamwidth. *sighs* A lot of deleting and changing the links in fic comms is in my future. But damnit broken links are the Scourge of the Internet (aside from cat macros) and I will do everything in my power to fight them!

Incidentally, I’m a mod at [profile] rondracodrabble now. I don’t think I ever mentioned that.

And I am doing my duty to the ship by nomming at the Draco Awards. Seriously, Ron/Draco flisters, please go nominate stuff here. Because I am totally going back later to nom more stuff, probably involving a lot of fic by personal friends. You should FIGHT ME.

And speaking of awards... I got nominated at the Smutastic Awards. Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! I wasn’t even expecting once! You guys! Hurray! Forever! *does a dance*


Walk All Over You was nominated for Best Oneshot.
Worthy was nominated for Best PWP.
Tangible Benefits was nominated for Best Femmeslash.

I shall link to the Seconding Post when it goes up. :) YAY!

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So, this weekend I was at Crucio, the Potter fan meet-up in Edinburgh! It was FANTASTIC.

NB: if you're here from the comm, I'm the one with dyed black hair in a short skirt who laughs really loudly.

Getting there was a bitch – there was a signal failure at Stevenage, a station which almost every cross-country train from King’s Cross passes through. We arrived in Edinburgh three and a half hours late. It was still only about six-thirty so we could eat and hang out and everything, but still. LAME, and it meant that [personal profile] son_of_darkness, [profile] dora_the_nymph and I had to sleep in a dorm with seven other people instead of getting a three-person room at our youth hostel.

The youth hostel was super-cheap and had murals involving a dragon groping a pink-haired girl, though, so I forgive its ELEVENTY-BILLION STAIRS and snoring roommates.

cut for stuff )
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You guys? Please, please, please post on Dreamwidth. Repost old stuff! Recs and searches! Anything!

Not for any great moral reason, or even a ‘their interface is getting really good’ reason. But because I am embarrassed by this screenshot of the page summary at the DW H/D comm:

Not because of the horrifying proof of how bad I am at titles, but because I feel sure all the dwenizens are judging me for being an attention-seeker or something. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS POSTING, LOKIFAN, WHY DO YOU TRY TO MAKE IT ALL ABOUT YOU. STOP SWALLOWING OUR COMMS IN A WAVE OF YOUR INSIPID SLASHFIC. Even the general hp_fanfiction comm is like this: I made seventeen of the last twenty posts!

Help it be not all about me! Come on, join Dreamwidth and post there! FOR ME.

(Because secretly it is all about me)

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I saw Marina and the Diamonds, a sold-out gig, for free on Tuesday! It was fantastic. She’s AMAZING live – I’ve never been at any gig where they sounded so much better than on the CD!

I feel it’s only a matter of time before I get sucked into something a little bit Tory, a little bit Lib Dem. (Actually, wouldn’t that be a great theme for a Cameron/Clegg fic? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The something borrowed being power, of course.)

Miss Godfrey got officially together with her boy last night, in the back of an ambulance (they’re both fine). The Boy shall be nicknamed Johnson here. Although he is not awesome as Johnson in Peep Show.

I am in a strange mood, I know. Quick promos:

Reccing for the H/D Bookshelf closes very shortly! Go and rec things! You have three options. Perhaps you could use one to rec your favourite H/D fic of mine. *coughs* More seriously, there’s a whole bunch of great fic that hasn’t made it onto the list. Obviously there had to be a limit on how much any one person could rec, but still. IF YOU HAVEN’T, GO SUGGEST YOUR FAVOURITES NOW. Between The Shadow and The Soul by [personal profile] aoifene is a huge favourite of mine and not up there!

Can I suggest you go here? READ International, a charity that works for child literacy, had a short story competition. The stories that made the second round are up now and can be read free! They’re all good quality, so if you like original short stories, go for it!

The stories with the most votes go through to the next round. You can vote as many times as you want, but each vote costs 50p (75 cents). All the money goes to help child literacy!

Also, um, my friend Nicholas Mellish wrote one of the storiesthere – it’s about time-travelling smugglers and has a whiff to Douglas Adams about it. Nick is fantastic in many ways and a big Doctor Who fan. HE DESERVES YOUR VOTES.

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You might be getting comments from me on old entries for a bit; I’m trying to catch up. On the other hand, maybe not; I need to have finished my Hamlet notes by this weekend.

Con drop, I has it. I was meant to be doing training – it got cancelled randomly; apparently the hotel took a different booking while the union was faffing about. I’m now revising instead. Only the others aren’t here and CON-DROPPING LIKE IT’S HOT. Argh.

Inspired by a conversation with [personal profile] son_of_darkness:

Do you identify with characters you read, particularly in porn? )

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First: I’ve signed up to play in the [profile] ficadron. It’s basically the Ron/Draco equivalent of the Harry/Draco World Cup, I think, only much smaller because it’s a small ship. It looks to be lots of fun.

In the grandest tradition of my decision-making fail, I cannot choose my team. Apparently we’re fighting to decide who’s the top dog in the ship, and I can’t bear bottom!Ron, particularly not when he’s with Draco. Only, while I’m very fond of Ron, Draco is my boy, y’know? It feels all wrong to sign up for Team Ron!

What do I do, flist?

Also, I’ll be away for the weekend. Because


Miss Godfrey is, therefore, practically perfect in every way. She came to university pretty much unaware of the internet. Since she met me (and some of our mutual friends) this has changed. She now has an LJ! [profile] comradesarnie, ladies and gents. So I thought I’d share with all of you a very funny conversation we had over MSN at two in the morning, after a meal out.

We’d been with, among other people, [personal profile] morettaallstar, who is also a hilarious writer – this one writes slash and sings musical numbers with me on buses. *hugs her* Anyway, I think [profile] comradesarnie was feeling a little left out. So we had this awesome conversation, during which an internet virgin was introduced to fandom )
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Bloody anaemia. I’ve been sleeping ten hours a day minimum the last week: usually I need eight, seven if I’ve not done much. And I’m still tired. *buys iron tablets*

Okay, the Slash vs Femmeslash panel at Azkatraz. This was extra-awesome, largely because of its impromptu but awesome panel: [personal profile] woldy, [personal profile] tray_la_la, the mod whose name I didn’t catch, and halfway through, [personal profile] mijan. (Am I forgetting someone? I feel like I am.)

There was discussion of popular slash pairings, and how there’s nothing really to match them in femmeslash: there’s no Harry/Draco, or Harry/Snape, equivalent in the world of girlsex. [personal profile] woldy noted that femmeslash readers have to be much more wide-ranging than slash readers out of necessity, which is very true.

cut for what was discussed and some added thinky thoughts, vague as they are )
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Back from Norwich! And now I shall tell you all about Azkatraz instead of the shared ridiculousness that is me and my flatmates.

Okay! So I shared with [personal profile] lavillanueva, [personal profile] bewarethesmirk and [personal profile] tray_la_la. Which was ridiculously awesome. Smirk dresses a lot like me, and EXACTLY like me a few years ago, which was cool but weird. Tray is extremely beautiful and clever and funny. But then you are all very gorgeous, I feel cheated: the internet promised me its denizens were all ugly old men! And Lav is all cool and classic-dresses-wearing and I CAN’T BELIEVE I ACTUALLY MET HER IN PERSON AT LONG BLOODY LAST.

cut for squee )
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I'm now playing Kink Bingo, I got my card this morning. Massive thanks to [personal profile] woldy for the Dreamwidth invite code. If any of these kinks are particularly close to your heart, I'll happily dedicate the story to you - pairing of your choice natch.

Kink Bingo! )

Also! In the name of delicious kinky smut, I direct you all towards this. It is Harry/Draco/Ron, with dub-con and humiliation and bondage and sweets, and you should ALL READ IT IMMEDIATELY. RUN, DON'T WALK, TO THE MENACING HARRY AND TOUCH OF SPANKING.

This has been your toppy!Lokifan for this evening. Tomorrow it'll be fiesty bottom again. ;)

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First, some pimping. Check out [profile] 1sentencepr0n, you guys. Harry Potter fandom has an entry. Join the comm, and comment on the entry with one sentence of smut! THE ONLY H/D THERE IS MINE. And I did Hermione/Padma first! (Which was totally [personal profile] woldy’s fault, btw.) So go and play! I’ve asked to mod an entry for Buffy/Angel, so hopefully that will be up soon!

And in the name of one-sentence-smut, I’m finally doing that category meme.

Write 10 different categories of fic, in as few words as possible. )
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So much to say! I shall do it in list format.

Fandom: )

Real Life: )


Jan. 19th, 2009 07:27 am
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Isn't that a pretty thing?

I got nominated for Best Short, and Best Fluff/Comedy, for my drabble Playing With Personas. So happy! Dear whoever nominated me (and I have an idea), I am most grateful.

Nominations are still open, if you're interested! A quick look around LJ shows that if you base a fandom on something that was only seen on the internet, you get experienced writers of awesome. And darkfic.

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$50 250 for marriage equality!

Oh, and guys?

Find out a very cool thing! See my teal deer of squee! )
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Guys? The auction is up to $47 811. They're doing a 'last chance salon' to help us make it $50 000. How amazing would that be? The power of fandom raising half a million dollars for charity!

I'm offering three 2000-word minimum fics, for $10 each. Anyone want one? Hell, buy more than one if you'd like! Smut, comedy, darkfic, smut, fluff, smut!

Leave a comment here if you'd like one.

[personal profile] lavillanueva, don't yell, OK? Deadlines are as nothing before the awesomeness that is this!

ETA: all three are SOLD!

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So today I went to see my grandparents (parentals and sisters in tow). I’d actually forgotten we were going to see them, and I think my eloquent reaction to [personal profile] lavillanueva over MSN was ‘CRAP!’

But it turned out to be fairly fun, mainly because my Australian relatives – an aunt who emigrated, who brought her husband and two younger sons on this visit – were there, and they’re brilliant. The older sons are pretty brilliant too, from the sound of it:

AUSTRALIAN AUNT: He likes biking. Mountain bikes – jumping and going downhill very fast...
GRANNY: How dreadful.
AUSTRALIAN AUNT: *laughs* He plays lead guitar for his band too – rock guitar, Mum.
GRANNY: Well that sounds much more civilised.

You've still got a day left to sign up for the cross-gen fest, guys! If you still haven't signed up, what are you waiting for? The deadline comes a month after the summer fests, so you'll have lots of time to write and draw!

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