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Okay, so you know how New Who seems slavishly devoted to the one-Doctor-one-Companion rule? (*cries* I loved Rory. I loved having two companions who were in love with each other. BRING BACK RORY!) And how the introduction of each Companion brings writers out of the woodwork describing her as ‘fiesty’? (Fiesty is one of my least-favourite words, and not-incidentally a totem of ‘post-feminist’ characterisation of women.)

SO MANY PARANTHESES. But I think you get where I’m going. Cut for spoilers and women characters talk )


Apr. 14th, 2010 06:47 pm
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I have had no internet for three days! Because my family was in Geneva, and Smudgecat and I couldn’t fix it. Why were they in Geneva, you ask?

Because they’re probably moving there – Mum, Dad and Youngest Sister, at any rate. Dad’s been offered a job in Geneva that he’ll almost certainly take (he has a Florentine option but likes it less). That means he’ll work there from this September, while Middle Sister starts uni. Youngest Sister, currently in Year 10, will finish her GCSEs here. Then she and Mum will move to Geneva, and she’ll do the IB at one of the international schools. A small flat will be kept here, but the Parental Bosom will become a buxom Swiss one from September 2011.

So... yes. A change! Something I almost always approve of. It's going to be odd though, and I worry a little about Youngest Sister.

The dark age of internet-lackage has been a tragic, fallow time. But on the plus side, I watched the new Doctor Who episodes twice over.

I love Eleven. cut for The Eleventh Hour squee )
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So, the Doctor Who special!

...Frankly, I was disappointed. The plot was incoherent, and the pacing was horrible: I can see what they were going for, with the rushing about in between random, still character moments, but it didn’t work for me.

On the other hand, there was some delicious, delicious fanservice. And anything with the John-Simm!Master in it has a good chance of making me smile. And drool. )

And now for something completely different – here is a link to a site called Secret Sales. Basically they have sales of designer products – mostly clothes, but bags, homeware, bath stuff, jewellery, lingerie etc all make an appearance – with massive discounts. We’re talking in the realm of ‘I bought my housemate Violet a dress for Christmas that costs £80 in Knightsbridge, and could get her earrings as well.’

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That weird sound you just heard? In, like, China? Or Space Station 5? Yeah, that would be me squeeing over the latest Doctor Who.



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