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I have a horrible virus (currently not on my poor laptop Sidney) and I cannot get into my gmail, which is my fandom email address.

(Also cannot open ANYTHING or back anything up. If the computer people damage my harddrive I may lose about 10k of unbacked-up stuff, I've been writing a lot this week. FUCK.)

This post completed, I'm gonna eat a hunk of chocolate and read lovely porny H/C on the family computer. Any recs?


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I am finally up-to-date with my friends' list. Since the computer still isn't fixed this is a state that cannot last, but it's lovely to feel like I actually know what's going on instead of perpetually being a week behind. I love this icon; using it right now just makes me feel even more on top of things, since I usually only break it out when I've just been away for a fortnight.

*sighs and goes to work on back-burner-ed fic*

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I am more-or-less back online, in the sense that I'm using Middle Sister's computer and she is very tolerant. Oh, interwebs, did you miss me? You make everything OK. Even the fact that I have been struck down by a nasty cold. This cold is particularly nasty because I thought 'it's not that bad' and wrote 1000 words of [personal profile] enchanted_jae's przzie, before I read it back and realised it was gibberish. Dispiriting.

But everything is all right again, because Wendy Cope is going to be speaking at Warwick University soon. She is a great poet. A little while after that, Helen Dunmore. I've got to figure out a way to be there for at least one of them. Two hours in a car is as nothing to me.

I have been fighting not to unleash a shower of quotes - damn, one got past me! - from Wendy Cope in this post. Now I feel this is pointless. So I sign off saying thank you, slash and funny flist, for entertaining me while I feel unwell. Visiting relatives tomorrow I shall spend a blissful evening, lost/ in carnal thoughts of you.

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Feb. 7th, 2008 01:12 pm
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My computer is dying, nearly dead. Not only can I hardly reach the interweb, I can hardly write! And it may well be a week before I can do anything about it!

All right, all right, there's always paper. I think the new notebook from [personal profile] iwantasoda may be getting some use.

If something big happens, or some great fic is posted, or one of you has a baby or something, do me a favour and comment/link here, please. E-mail notification can be used in a public library, whereas pornographic slash? Not so much.

I think I deserve credit for the relative calm of this post. I am extremely annoyed.

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