Aug. 4th, 2011 03:29 pm
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In the wake of Diacon, lots of people (well, lots of people who came) are getting re-enthused about HP fandom. Which is great! It includes me in a lot of ways. However, I’ve still not been reading loads of HP fic, or writing it for that matter.

This is partly because water got on my laptop :( This was 48 hours ago! I thought it would be dry by now! But since there were no scary noises and it was just water, the internet and a former computer-shop-owning relative assure me that in time my beloved laptop will recover. For now, I’m stuck using the family computer. This is a desktop with an extremely unreliable internet connection. Worse, it’s in the dining room, where we spend lots of time, and the screen faces the room.

For the love of God, people. Come on.

Anyway! The big reason for my failure to jump headfirst back into HP, despite being unemployed and so technically having time?

I have been getting into Thor fandom.

You guys, it’s making me so happy.You guys, it’s making me so happy. )
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I am at long last able to do things like comment and add people. Which is blissful. I am adding Diacon people and shamelessly stalking their Diacon posts.

Which so far has been a blissful experience. Everyone seems to have had a blast :D

This is still not my, er, ‘official’ Diacon post. It is very long though. Cut for a happy teal deer. Which sounds like a drugs euphemism )

So yes, Victory Ball? Best ever. And [ profile] creatore_magico captured it on tape:

*squishes Ku* I’m so grateful you made it for us. (And with such super-speed, too!) It’s a gorgeous vid and captures the atmosphere so well, and I’m just so happy to have it for posterity.

Also, my mum thinks it’s lovely.
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LJ has been totally failing for me all week :( It could’ve been worse, though; although it was v frustrating trying to post at crack_broom, and to comment on people’s posts, I’ve felt very quiet this week.

I will (one day!) be posting about Diacon, but for now I just want to say: Harry, I love you dearly. For all you’re not one of my favourite characters in the ‘verse, you’re at the centre of it. I really enjoyed toasting to you at Diacon’s Victory Ball, and celebrating your victory over evil. I hope you’ve enjoyed your thirty-first birthday.

And that you didn’t find that panel I did on making you have sex with everyone else too violating ;)

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Just getting on the internet for the first time over here, super-quickly, for a brief note to say I had a BRILLIANT time at the Victory Ball tonight. It was amazing and I had so much fun and YAY!! Thank you to everyone, especially the rest of the committee and the great volunteers ♥


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So, kids, what are you wearing to the Diacon Victory Ball? :DDD Even if you're far too cool for actually dressing up for it and going in jeans, do tell me! Is anyone cosplaying? Personally I've not been out in MONTHS, due to work and then losing my only form of ID, and I am going to dress up and dance with anyone who'll have me.

I just spent over an hour looking through my favourite fashion sites looking for a dress for the Diacon Victory Ball; the search confirmed my decision to wear a dress I already own. I haven't worn it out yet, though – and being the very definition of a fatshionista (which is one of those terms that wibbles between stupid and just. so. fitting) I do not consider any of the time looking at dresses wasted :D

The dress I'm wearing is very pretty, but )
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So [ profile] cugami already posted this over at [ profile] ron_draco, but I feel the need to have it commemorated on my LJ for all time.

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Interviewer: If you could have played anyone else who would you have played?
Tom: Hermione and Hagrid. Other than that, I just can’t see myself play anyone else.
Interviewer: -laughing- Hermione? Why Hermione?
Tom: Well I just thought I’d be a brilliant Hermione. I mean, I thought Emma was great but I think I would’ve brought something deeper. No I’m just kidding.
Interviewer: But you would’ve had to kiss Ron Weasley at the end.
Tom: Well that’s the reason I would want to! Rupert’s a dashing lad and I’ve been trying to get on him for years but no go.

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Just a little something while I fight the writer's block :)

Title: Oliver Mellors' Lover
Word count: 100
Characters/pairings: Ron/Draco
Rating: R
Summary: Draco has a very predictable kink.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The boys and girls belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: This was written for the sweat prompt at [ profile] rondracodrabble – oh, and Oliver Mellors is Lady Chatterley's gamekeeper. ;)

Oliver Mellors' Lover )
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Title: Scent Memory
Word count: 100
Characters/pairings: Ron/Draco
Rating: R
Summary: What is it about leather that just says 'I OWN your ass'? – Desperate Housewives
Warnings: blindfolding, implied flogging and D/s
Disclaimer: The boys and girls belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: This was written for the current prompt at [ profile] rondracodrabble, leather.

Scent Memory )


Jun. 9th, 2011 09:17 am
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Title: Twilight
Word count: 500
Characters/pairings: Neville/Draco
Rating: R
Summary: Neville and Draco on a summer night. Also, how elemental opposites make good lovers.
Warnings: fluff, hitting you over the head with a theme I find romantic
Disclaimer: The boys and girls belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: This was written for the [ profile] neville100 challenge sky. Also, it occurs to me that my own associations with the word ‘twilight’ fit perfectly for this little thing but they will perhaps be overwhelmed for readers by American vampires. >:

Twilight )
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Happy birthday, Draco! You are my bestest boy of all and I’m so glad you lived to see this birthday :)

The subject line seems terribly apropos for Draco's birthday :D

Now! Speaking of, who wants to see TINY TOM FELTON and TINY DAN RAD and TINY RUPERT GRINT and TINY EMMA WATSON? And who does not care for them but wants to see ALL THE STARS IN THE BRITISH SKY being variously fantastic?

The London IMAX is having a MASSIVE HP marathon, to celebrate the franchise before the very last film. On the Friday night the first four films are shown, and on the Saturday they’ll show the last three.

Cut to diacon_chat for details

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Here are the month's three art recs :)

Snape and Draco by [ profile] glockgal (Severus/Draco, G.)


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Deskbound by [ profile] ships_harry (Severus/Draco, NC-17.)

[ profile] ships_harry has a fantastic back-catalogue of porny Snaco art, so I do encourage you to check it out! This is just so great. Classic teacher/student smut )

Alea Iacta Est by [ profile] lizardspots (Severus/Draco, G.)

[ profile] lizardspots is a well-known HP artist, of course, and this is gorgeous artwork - a wonderfully atmospheric watercolour )
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One of these has already appeared here, but I’m posting them all together because I’m a completist. There are spoilery reccomendations for the fics behind the cuts. The art recs will be posted later :)

Custard Tarts for the Tart by [ profile] iamisaac (Severus/Draco, 2500 words, NC-17.)
After the war, there are precious few jobs going for ex-Death-Eaters. War-hero Severus, however, finds one for Draco...

This is short, elegant, and utterly engrossing. )

The Small Things by [ profile] nishizono (Severus/Draco, 5200 words, NC-17.)
Life in Severus Snape’s pocket was not nearly as exciting as it sounded.

The premise is ‘Snape shrinks Draco to six inches tall and keep him in his pocket to protect him from Voldemort.’ That is such a gimmick - and not something that hits my kink buttons - yet it *totally* works. )

Mastermind by Marks/[ profile] markyskins (Severus/Draco, 1900 words, NC-17.)
Draco's been given to Severus as a reward for good service. Now, eager to prove himself as the perfect servant, Draco would do anything to please his Master. SS/DM, SS/HP (Slavery, role-play, bondage, cross-dressing)

Apparently I like Draco being unrequitedly in love with Snape while they have sex. :D

The premise for this is less usual than you’d think - Voldemort-wins-and-Draco-ends-up-as-Snape’s-slave. But it’s HEARTBREAKING. )

Full of Grace by [ profile] arsenicjade (Severus/Draco, 1300 words, G.)
"What," Severus demanded, "is that?"

This is a titchy little ficlet, but it’s fantastic. )

Trappings of Privilege by [ profile] klynie1 (Severus/Draco, 16 900 words, NC-17.)
It's Draco's seventh year at Hogwarts. Carrow wants him. Snape doesn't.

This is a bit of a classic premise for the pairing: Draco comes to Snape for protection during DH, and the price is sexual favours. And this is how it’s done right. )

The Strange Effects of Love And Italian Leather Upon The Whackfoggle Wizarding Hunt Club, or How Miss Clarissa Portree-Genetton Lost a Prospective Husband But Gained a New Name by [ profile] nehalenia (Severus/Draco, 7100 words, NC-17.)
It’s not easy being a Malfoy; especially when your lover is a snarky, bitter, old bastard named Severus Snape.

This is ultimately domestic, fluffy comedy. )

Clean and Filthy by [ profile] entrenous88 (Severus/Draco, 5200 words, NC-17.)
After failing to kill Dumbledore and fleeing with Snape, Draco finds himself in the middle of quite a mess.

Draco dresses up as a French maid! )

Let Me Live by [ profile] gypsyflame (Harry/Draco, Severus/Draco, 11 025 words, NC-17.)
Draco can’t get what he needs from his husband, so he gets it from Potter.

I am an enormous fan of [ profile] gypsyflame’s work; she writes some of the absolute hottest smut I’ve found in fandom. She also has a great grasp of characterisation, and it’s on display here.

This fic starts with Harry and Draco having sex. )
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Guess what, kids? MY DISSERTATION IS IN!

As is my final essay.

I am FINISHED. Degree is over. (Noooo don’t make me leave!)

Whoa. Headrush.

No, I do not know what I’m doing now, thanks for asking - well, except for catching up on everything I’ve spent a month neglecting. Most especially [ profile] diacon_alley, because that is going to be fucking awesome and I need to help make it more so.

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Dancing round the maypole indeed *sniggers*


Apr. 17th, 2011 02:30 am
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Today was not a good day. £30 down the drain on train tickets, my laptop isn't working, and I had a fight with my mum having just got back from Norwich. And now she's telling my dad loudly how awful I am. I was going to give her her birthday presents tonight. I spent ages picking them and I was really looking forward to it.

Tired & unhappy... which I have good reason to be, but I'm also now in that mood where having finished Unseen Academicals isn't a fun thing where I enjoyed the book but depressing because Pterry is ill and it was far from my favourite Discworld. (My favourite Discworld is The Truth.)

And the latest version of my diss. is now unavailable until the bloody laptop is fixed.


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Writer’s block has hit me like a train. Not surprising, really; Miss Godfrey and Violet both went home this morning. More importantly for writer’s-block-causing, this has been a stressful week essay-wise, and since I have a big Medieval project and my dissertation due in less than a month, it’s not going to ease off quickly.

And [ profile] diacon_alley is coming up - which is a source of great excitement, but also effort!

Anyway: writing is far from the only way one can contribute to fandom, so in that spirit, here are the two [ profile] crack_broom recs I’ve posted so far this month.

Custard Tarts for the Tart by [ profile] iamisaac (Severus/Draco, 2500 words, NC-17.)
After the war, there are precious few jobs going for ex-Death-Eaters. War-hero Severus, however, finds one for Draco...

This is short, elegant, and utterly engrossing.

It was written for a “catamites” challenge at Daily Deviant, but takes a very different tack from the one you might expect. This Draco isn’t a mistreated, virginal woobie; but neither is he an effortlessly beautiful, charming, superlatively skilled young whore. He’s never brought Snape to orgasm with his mouth alone, and he has to try hard to keep his figure.

He’s Snape’s catamite, and is very aware of his status. It’s a job, despite his feelings for Snape, despite what the world believes; and he must do it well or he’ll be out on the street. But - of course - he loves Snape.

Snape looms over every line of this fic, but even when he appears ‘on screen’ it’s unclear what he feels for Draco. And that works wonderfully: this fic is deep into Draco’s POV, and not only is he unsure of Snape’s feelings, he’s not really concerned with them. He has to focus on pleasing Snape, on being pleasing, for both material and emotional self-protection.

A fic with this premise could be so overblown and melodramatic; instead it’s an elegant, wonderfully characterised snippet of hearbreak.

Snape and Draco by [ profile] glockgal (Severus/Draco, G.)

IT’S REALLY CUTE. I know Snaco is meant to be the cool ship, you know, with fuckloads of angst and Gothic identity crises and kinky kinky sex. But whatever, I am confessing to my love of Snaco fluff. And this is just so cute and I flail at it and beam at it and OH DRACO’S BLUSH.

It’s a G-rated little comic, with an extremely cute, funny, recognisable Snape and Draco. And totally worth checking out just for Snape’s changing expressions as Draco is SUPER-STEALTHY.

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Here are the rest of my Ron/Draco drabble-a-thon drabbles :) Consider them disclaimed.

Title: Memorium
Word count: 200
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Everyone else remembers it as the day Voldemort was defeated. Draco remembers it as the day he got one of his best friends killed.
Warnings: angst
Author’s Notes: This was written for [ profile] ellensmithee’s prompt ties that bind.

Memorium )

Title: Built for It
Word count: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Ron’s built to be a good Keeper, not like Draco’s skinny little Seeker self.
Author’s Notes: This was written for [ profile] teenageworrier’s prompt Keeper.

Built For It )

Title: D
Word count: 200
Rating: R
Summary: There’s an unexpected gift for Draco this Christmas.
Author’s Notes:This was written for [ profile] elainemalfoy’s prompt welcome to the family.

D )

Title: Rock
Word count: 200
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Draco offers Ron a massive, shiny ring.
Author’s Notes: This was written for [ profile] ebilgatoloco’s prompt engagement ring.

Rock )

Title: Guilty Conscience
Word count: 500
Rating: R
Summary: “Ron worried, sometimes, that Draco’s liking for being spanked and caned and told he was bad came from his lingering guilt.”
Warnings: angst, kink references
Author’s Notes: This was written for the Ron/Draco drabble-a-thon, for [ profile] elainemalfoy’s prompt guilty conscience.

Guilty Conscience )
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Hi guys! Still buried under a pile of essay - anachronisms and T. H. White, masculinity in Victorian Gothic fiction, they haunt my dreams - but here are the (hopefully) comic drabbles I wrote for the Ron/Draco drabble-a-thon.

Consider them all disclaimed :)

Title: An Enormous Talent
Word count: 300
Rating: light R
Summary: Ron likes to sing in the shower.
Warnings: none
Author’s Notes: This was written for [ profile] entrenous88’s prompt “Ron actually has a lovely singing voice.”

An Enormous Talent )

Title: They Did Not Cover This In Teacher Training
Word count: 200
Rating: PG
Summary: Severus Snape is not paid enough for this.
Warnings: sex switch
Author’s Notes: This was written for [ profile] ellensmithee’s prompt potions accident.

They Did Not Cover This In Teacher Training )

Title: Vertical Desire
Word count: 300
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Malfoy teaches Ron about the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.
Author’s Notes: This was written for [ profile] entrenous88’s prompt ballroom dancing.

Vertical Desire )

Title: Creature of the Night
Word count: 400
Rating: R
Summary: Even being a vampire hasn’t made a dent in Weasley’s essential wholesomeness. Probably.
Warnings: vampire!Ron
Author’s Notes: This was written for [ profile] teenageworrier's prompt vampire.

Creature of the Night )
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So Jay Smooth, who does this great hiphop radio show as well as awesome vlogs, did a thing called Good People Day a couple of years ago. Actually, his mate Gary Vaynerchuck did it, but it was Jay’s video I was rewatching yesterday.

And I saw the date! And I love the Good People Day idea - and even more so when it’s Jay’s Good In People Day variation - so I wanted to try it.

Good People are all around me; most notable right now are my fellow [ profile] diacon_alley organisers, everyone prompting and replying and reading over at the Ron/Draco drabble-a-thon, and my friends here in Norwich.

But the Good in People Day concept as Jay applied it was about not only celebrating obviously good people - like the Japanese workers in the Fukushima nuclear plant, who are risking and likely sacrificing their lives to save others - but recognising the goodness in everyone, and recognising how connected we all are. He celebrated the goodness in George W Bush.

You know what? Let’s try this as a meme. Give me someone - anyone, fictional or otherwise - and I will tell you the good I see in that person.

PS: No giving me Gaddafi. I don’t think it would be classy to be talking about his goodness while he murders his people.

ETA: Voldemort has been given to me twice already, so I will say it here: the good in him is that he likes his snake and feeds her delicious humans!

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art by [ profile] creatore_magico

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A drabblefest is running over at [ profile] rondracodrabble. It is gonna be AMAZING. Come and leave prompts and write and draw stuff, okay? I have a whole bunch of prompts to leave. Plus I am totes excited to write some stuff. Specially if you stop by, [ profile] entrenous88 - your bday is right in the middle of all this :D


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