Aug. 26th, 2011

lokifan_import: (Faith/Buffy: Song of Solomon)
So [ profile] femslash11 is concluding. It’s a lovely cross-fandom fest, that always turns out good-quality femmeslash from often very tiny fandoms or rare pairings. The fic I got was a case in point: it was Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen fic! Lola/Ella fic! *gleeeeeeeeeeee*

All The World’s A Stage by [ profile] sadieflood. You guys! Everyone’s so IC. It’s mostly from Ella’s POV and it’s perfect - I love the parts with her parents. The set-up is that Lola is thrilled to hear that everyone thinks she and Ella are going out, but is disappointed by the lack of controversy. She is selfish, but so charming, and you can really see why Ella likes her so much, even as she’s kind of crushing Ella to bits with her attempts to get rumours flying about their ‘relationship’.

And they go to the junior prom together and there is a totally adorable happy ending :DDD

Now for some other recs, from various fandoms )


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