May. 14th, 2011

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One of these has already appeared here, but I’m posting them all together because I’m a completist. There are spoilery reccomendations for the fics behind the cuts. The art recs will be posted later :)

Custard Tarts for the Tart by [ profile] iamisaac (Severus/Draco, 2500 words, NC-17.)
After the war, there are precious few jobs going for ex-Death-Eaters. War-hero Severus, however, finds one for Draco...

This is short, elegant, and utterly engrossing. )

The Small Things by [ profile] nishizono (Severus/Draco, 5200 words, NC-17.)
Life in Severus Snape’s pocket was not nearly as exciting as it sounded.

The premise is ‘Snape shrinks Draco to six inches tall and keep him in his pocket to protect him from Voldemort.’ That is such a gimmick - and not something that hits my kink buttons - yet it *totally* works. )

Mastermind by Marks/[ profile] markyskins (Severus/Draco, 1900 words, NC-17.)
Draco's been given to Severus as a reward for good service. Now, eager to prove himself as the perfect servant, Draco would do anything to please his Master. SS/DM, SS/HP (Slavery, role-play, bondage, cross-dressing)

Apparently I like Draco being unrequitedly in love with Snape while they have sex. :D

The premise for this is less usual than you’d think - Voldemort-wins-and-Draco-ends-up-as-Snape’s-slave. But it’s HEARTBREAKING. )

Full of Grace by [ profile] arsenicjade (Severus/Draco, 1300 words, G.)
"What," Severus demanded, "is that?"

This is a titchy little ficlet, but it’s fantastic. )

Trappings of Privilege by [ profile] klynie1 (Severus/Draco, 16 900 words, NC-17.)
It's Draco's seventh year at Hogwarts. Carrow wants him. Snape doesn't.

This is a bit of a classic premise for the pairing: Draco comes to Snape for protection during DH, and the price is sexual favours. And this is how it’s done right. )

The Strange Effects of Love And Italian Leather Upon The Whackfoggle Wizarding Hunt Club, or How Miss Clarissa Portree-Genetton Lost a Prospective Husband But Gained a New Name by [ profile] nehalenia (Severus/Draco, 7100 words, NC-17.)
It’s not easy being a Malfoy; especially when your lover is a snarky, bitter, old bastard named Severus Snape.

This is ultimately domestic, fluffy comedy. )

Clean and Filthy by [ profile] entrenous88 (Severus/Draco, 5200 words, NC-17.)
After failing to kill Dumbledore and fleeing with Snape, Draco finds himself in the middle of quite a mess.

Draco dresses up as a French maid! )

Let Me Live by [ profile] gypsyflame (Harry/Draco, Severus/Draco, 11 025 words, NC-17.)
Draco can’t get what he needs from his husband, so he gets it from Potter.

I am an enormous fan of [ profile] gypsyflame’s work; she writes some of the absolute hottest smut I’ve found in fandom. She also has a great grasp of characterisation, and it’s on display here.

This fic starts with Harry and Draco having sex. )


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