Mar. 31st, 2011

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For the first time since I got my LJ - five years, almost - my default icon does not have Doctor Who’s trainers on it. This is taking a significant amount of getting used to. However, my new default is beautiful and I love the font and the dawn and the cityspace, because I am City Girl For Life. Thank you again [ profile] talekayler :D

Speaking of BEAUTIFUL THINGS PEOPLE HAVE CREATED FOR ME... I commissioned [ profile] sugareey for some H/D art. My prompt was extremely flaily and all over the place, but it mentioned a fic I hope ONE DAY to finish, with Auror!Harry and trainee!Draco. And the result was a really fantastic bit of kissing!art.

Auror Lessons by sugareey )*beams smugly at the world*

RL’s ticking along; last night I sneaked into the campus science block, stayed there til it was locked, and filmed a zombie film with five friends. )

I have a lot to do: I signed up for [ profile] getshitdone, for help powering through on my dissertation and final essays, and the deadlines are coming. It’s rather scary, and I will likely not be about much for the next ten days. I won’t be disappearing entirely, though, because for April I am doing Snape/Draco recs over at [ profile] crack_broom!

I have spent two days making myself a lovely shiny list of the fics and art I want to rec and having a genre and author/artist balance, while also, you know, saying THESE ARE MY FAVOURITES EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE THEM AS I DO. I am excited :D


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